Megumi Takeda

Travel Planner

I was born and raised in “Niikappu town”, Hokkaido. Niikappu is located in “Hidaka area” and my house is a farm for race horses. After I graduated from a local high school in Hokkaido, I entered a college and majored International Business in California. After that, I worked at a travel agency in Los Angeles and supported guests to go to Japan. I also moved to Australia, and I experienced harvesting vegetables and working at food industry. After I visited many beautiful places and was attracted by natures in Northern America and Australia, I have realized that my hometown, Hokkaido is also one of the most beautiful islands to experience nature and delicious food. Then I have decided to come back and live in Hokkaido to introduce this great island to more people.
Fortunately, I met Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc. and I am very happy to work as a travel consultant. Now I welcome customers in Hokkaido.
I’d love to support to make memorable Hokkaido trip which only Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel can arrange, and I always want to do my best to see customer’s smiles.
I will look forward to welcoming you in Hokkaido!!!

My types of travel that I am good at

I am good at arranging a Family friendly tour and Off the beaten track Real Hokkaido Tour for Adult. I love eating good food too!! I like visiting small towns and villages in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is surrounded by ocean, so there are many fisherman’s towns. You will taste fresh seafood all year around. Also, Hokkaido is the biggest island in Japan so we have huge land to grow vegetables and dairy. Our meat, vegetable, and dairy products are standing too. It is very special to have opportunities to visit those local fishermen, farmers, and craftsmen and learn how they work, their techniques and their spirits. When you taste after you know those, you will appreciate the food more.
I want to introduce popular sightseeing spots and activities, but I would like to add a special arrangement for your itinerary!

I want you to experience in Hokkaido

There are so many activities I want to recommend! If I need to pick one. I will choose “Picking seasonal vegetable and taste fresh vegetable onsite at the farm”. Hokkaido has seasonal vegetables all year around. You can visit a farm, hear their background, and try picking vegetables!! Taste fresh vegetable with the way farmers recommend.
Shabushabu is one of the best ways to taste the vegetable. Sometimes with locally produced meat such as pork and beef. As for dessert, Mochi pounding is fun too. Mochi is a sticky rice cake in Japanese. You pound the steamed rice and make a ball. You put red bean paste, fruits, and fruits jam inside sometimes. Fresh mochi is super yummy. And it’s fun to pound rhythmically in pairs.


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