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Travel Planner

In my twenties, I was a scuba diving instructor to teach how to dive and guide underwater to international divers in 6 countries. Especially the life in the small island Sipadan in Malaysia, Madan in Papua New Guinea and the Maldives was a great time. It was just an amazing life in heaven.
In my thirty, I changed my platform from the underwater to the land. I was an international tour guide to escort and guide lot's of Japanese tourists to literally all over the world.
After I have traveled almost all over the world and live there, I have experienced and seen lot’s of world top class activities and destinations. This is why I can tell you with confidence, Hokkaido is one of the best and amazing destination!
Please share with me any of your requests for creating the best private tour for you. On welcoming you at Hokkaido, I always feel like as if I am traveling with you as a guide. Your smile makes me happy and I am always there for you to make sure your memorable holiday be sure! Come with us to explore to find out hidden treasure [Hokkaido]!

My types of travel that I am good at

If you want to spend your important time and money on feeling the essence of Hokkaido/ Japan, please feel free to share any of your wishes with me. You will get a memorable holiday with once in a lifetime experience to find your own treasure with me!
The best Japanese vegetable, fruits, and seafood come from Hokkaido, therefore so many Japanese people dream about visiting here to eat them in the right season. Also, this world-famous Japanese cuisine is not possible without Hokkaido as one of the most important ingredients of Japanese cuisine, [Konbu] is come from here!
Besides food, We have a very unique culture of our indigenous people [AInu]. Their lifestyle and their spirit are exactly [the earth-friendly style]. And all Japanese have the same feeling without notice at the bottom of our heart.
On top! Hokkaido is the paradise of Hot spring too! You can not be away from Onsen area to feel real earth!

I want you to experience in Hokkaido

One of the most surprising nature of Hokkaido for me as a former professional Scuba Diving Instructor is [The school of Orca (killer whales) swim like dolphins in Shiretoko!]
I never ever seen such an unbelievable sight in my ocean life. The reason why they stay in Shiretoko is the richest underwater life and the landscape, Yes I dived there and witnessed it!
Like above, I want you to encounter true Hokkaido Nature, feel real earth by Onsen and volcano mountains, taste simple but the best food, and the people who made those amazing [the Japanese food] through our original programs.
This is our way to support our nature, culture and food and this is our company’s mission.
I hope you can value on those idea and visit Hokkaido with us!


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