Eriko Kakudate

Travel Planner

I was born and raised in Kitami in the Eastern Hokkaido. I started to go to a private English School when I was 15 years old because my mother recommended me to learn English conversation in my future. I think it is the start of becoming interested in traveling and foreign countries. After I worked in the local company Kitami, I have lived in Toronto, Canada for around 2 years. I believe meeting many people in Canada enhances my life. Now it is my 5th year in HTIT. I really love this beautiful island. I'm proud of my work to make an itinerary to know many people about Hokkaido.

My types of travel that I am good at

If you are a big family, please leave it on me! I have lots of experience to arrange and support family tours. I arrange tours to be fun for wide generations. And also traveling between friends are also welcome!! I have many unforgettable tours.
Besides them, I like to make an itinerary focused on History and Nature. Hokkaido has many kinds of good quality of foods and great nature. They are closely related to the history of our life. I would like you to know more about Hokkaido through my itinerary!!

I want you to experience in Hokkaido

I have many recommended activities in Hokkaido such as River fishing, Shuck Sea Urchin Shell and taste it, Canoeing through Marshland, SUP at Lake Shikotsu, Drift Ice Walking, etc...! However, the most thing I suggest is to meet with local people. Please hire local guides or tour guide and stroll around local towns. It must be a good idea for you to do rural experiences. I'm sure that it will be an unforgettable trip for you.


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