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Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel inc.

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Vibrant Autumn Leaves and Unique Rural Adventures!

Meet the Local People of Tokachi and Enjoy Autumn to the Fullest!





from 250,000 JPY per person (For a group of 6 people)


This is a special tour designed to give you the ultimate autumn experience and provide you with opportunities to meet with the friendly local people of Hokkaido. We’ll visit the largest National Park in Japan (Daisetsu National Park) and take you to some of the most picturesque sights, where you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views of autumn leaves made up of vivid reds and yellows. Enjoy an E-bike cycling tour through the beautiful, hilly autumn landscape of Furano. You’ll also get to enjoy some fun interactive activities with local people in rural communities. Including seasonal vegetable picking and a BBQ on a small farm, cooking activities, a wood cup making workshop and many more!


  1. Day 1: Day 1: Chitose Airport - Asahikawa
  2. Day 2: Day 2: Asahikawa - Furano
  3. Day 3: Day 3: Furano - Furano
  4. Day 4: Day 4: Furano - Tokachigawa
  5. Day 5: Day 5: Tokachigawa - Tokachigawa
  6. Day 6: Day 6: Tokachigawa - Sapporo
  7. Day 7: Day 7: Sapporo - Sapporo
  8. Day 8: Day 8: Sapporo - Chitose Airport
  • DAY1

    Day 1: Chitose Airport - Asahikawa

    Welcome to Hokkaido! Get acquainted with your guide and head off to Asahikawa! Depending on your arrival time, we may be able to pass through Biei, a picturesque hilly area famous for its patchwork landscapes. After checking in to your hotel, make sure to have a taste of the region’s local specialty, Asahikawa ramen. This savory ramen is known for its thin wavy noodles and shoyu (soy sauce) based broth. You’ll love it! Have a relaxing evening at your hotel with a refreshing time in the onsen.

  • DAY2

    Day 2: Asahikawa - Furano

    Today you’ll visit the Largest National Park in all of Japan and one of the most powerful landscapes in Hokkaido. Welcome to Daisetsu National Park! Mt. Asahidake is the tallest mountain in Hokkaido, and a well-known active volcano with steam and snow-white smoke spewing from the earth’s core! Enjoy a tour on the ropeway looking down on the scenic landscape of autumn leaves that have changed colors to vivid reds and yellows, beautifully tinting the surface of the mountain. Light trekking on the mountain to a nearby sulphurous pond can also be arranged. After a cozy countryside lunch at a local café, we’ll head to Furano for the night. On the way, we’ll stop by the famous mysterious blue pond in Biei and the spectacular Shikisaino Oka flower fields.

  • DAY3

    Day 3: Furano - Furano

    Get ready for a fun cycling tour through the colorful, hilly and breathtaking landscapes of Furano! This is an easygoing guided tour using Electric bikes. Don’t worry about exhausting yourself or even breaking a sweat, instead the E-bikes provide power on demand, responding to and complementing your pedaling speed and power. Enjoy your cruise to the fullest, through the scenic panorama, cool breeze with blue skies above! Make a stop at a local tomato farm and taste fresh, sweet Hokkaido tomatoes. Before heading to your hotel, we’ll visit the Furano Winery, which is famous for only using local raw materials to create their wine. Finish your day exploring Ningle Terrace, a beautiful collection of boutique cottages, housing specialty arts and crafts along with their creators.

  • DAY4

    Day 4: Furano - Tokachigawa

    Check out of your hotel and start the day at a spacious cluster of shops called, “Furano Marche,” the ultimate food paradise selling local goods and souvenirs. On our way to Minami Furano well stop by a small authentic Indian curry restaurant for lunch. Get ready for some scenic outdoor activities of your choice! Easy trekking, mountain biking and canoeing provide spectacular experiences to connect with the surrounding nature in this area. Next, we’ll make our way to one of the rarest hot springs in the world. Tokachigawa Onsen is a “Moor” (plant derived) hot spring giving it a higher content of natural moisturizing ingredients compared with ordinary hot springs. Take your time letting the heat and minerals relax your body to the core and be amazed of the healing power it will have on your skin! You’ll also be surprised by how rejuvenated you’ll feel tomorrow morning. Rest well and enjoy dinner at the hotel.

  • DAY5

    Day 5: Tokachigawa - Tokachigawa

    Visit the Murase Farm, a classic rural vegetable farm with beautiful wooden cottages and an “at home” atmosphere. Enjoy picking seasonal vegetables with the local farmers and have fun barbequing the fresh vegetables you picked! This will be a wonderful opportunity to mingle with the friendly people of Tokachi. After lunch, you can try driving a tractor! Next, you’ll visit a quite fashionable woodworking company called, “Kuksa.” This company is known for its excellent craftsmanship creating wooden cups, bowls and tableware carved and designed from whole pieces of wood. Enjoy the workshop and try creating a masterpiece! What will you make? Finish your day with relaxation and healing in the Tokachgawa Onsen.

  • DAY6

    Day 6: Tokachigawa - Sapporo

    After checking out of your hotel, we’ll stop by the Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden for a delicious cup of coffee and a souvenir shopping opportunity! This factory has an enormous selection of sweets and confectionary from the Tokachi Region. Next, you’ll visit Shintoku, a small rural town with a peaceful and nostalgic atmosphere. Here you’ll have a fun local experience making Soba noodles from scratch! Take this time to enjoy meeting with the local farmers and making friends with the Japanese helpers guiding you through the noodle making process. As we make our way back to your hotel in Sapporo, we’ll take you on a quick car tour of the city before dropping you off to explore the shopping areas and have dinner as you like.

  • DAY7

    Day 7: Sapporo - Sapporo

    Have a fun and relaxed day in the beautiful city of Sapporo. Make sure to stop by Odori Park, which becomes the main venue for the Sapporo Autumn Fest! Here you’ll find agricultural and livestock products, wine and sake, and other items from all over Hokkaido. Booths feature popular food items like ramen, dishes made from local ingredients, and products from all corners of Hokkaido served by over 100 municipalities in the prefecture. Enjoy some shopping around the downtown area and city night exploration too!

  • DAY8

    Day 8: Sapporo - Chitose Airport

    Even your last day can be enjoyed to the fullest! Go shopping in downtown Sapporo, or stop by one of the outlet malls on the way to the airport for some popular brand name clothing and accessories at massive discounts. We recommend arriving at the airport early! Lots of seafood and Hokkaido specialties are available at the recently revamped Chitose Airport, which is actually an impressive destination on its own. Have fun exploring and doing some last-minute shopping for souvenirs! We hope you had a wonderful experience here on Treasure Island and look forward to adventuring with you again soon!




from 250,000 JPY per person (For a group of 6 people)






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