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Outdoor Adventures and Panoramic Views in Eastern Hokkaido!

Great Trekking Experiences!





from 650,000 JPY per person (for a group of 6 people)


June is the perfect season for outdoor adventures in the beautiful land of Hokkaido. This journey is filled with trekking experiences, canoeing, horseback riding, wildlife photography and so much more! Be amazed at the spectacular panoramic views from the volcanoes and mountains, and enjoy meeting with local people in the countryside for harvesting and cooking meals together. Go on a horse ride through fields of thick, shoulder-high grass, and make your way out into rivers, and even out into the ocean with waves crashing beneath you! So many unique experiences planed including a BBQ using the geothermal heat generated by an active volcano!


  1. Day 1: Asahikawa - Asahidake
  2. Day 2: Asahidake - Asahidake
  3. Day 3: Asahidake - Saroma
  4. Day 4: Saroma - Shiretoko
  5. Day 5: Shiretoko - Shiretoko
  6. Day 6: Shiretoko - Kussharo
  7. Day 7: Kussharo - Kussharo
  8. Day 8: Kussharo - Obihiro
  9. Day 9: Obihiro - Sapporo
  10. Day 10: Sapporo - Chitose Airport
  • DAY1

    Asahikawa - Asahidake

    After arriving at the airport, we’ll stop for lunch to have a taste of the region’s local specialty, Asahikawa ramen. This savory ramen is known for its thin wavy noodles and shoyu (soy sauce) based broth. You’ll love it! Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the Takasago Sake Brewery and learn about the history and brewing process of this exquisite award-winning sake that has gained global recognition among sake connoisseurs. Asahikawa has 167 rivers and over 750 bridges! It’s a place that is blessed with water, which is indispensable for brewing sake. Next, well make our way to Asahidake for onsen and dinner at your hotel.

  • DAY2

    Asahidake - Asahidake

    Get ready to explore the breathtaking beauty and mysteriously powerful landscape of Daisetsuzan National Park. You’ll take the Mt. Asahi ropeway to a disembarkation station and from there enjoy a trekking tour on one of the most picturesque paths. Your guide will take you on a scenic route close to areas with volcanic steam and snow-white smoke spewing from the earth’s core! Enjoy Asahidake Onsen after your epic day of trekking! This hot spring areas are known for all-natural baths, supplied 100% with water straight from the hot spring sources.

  • DAY3

    Asahidake - Saroma

    Start your day in the small rural forest town of Shimokawa. Meet with the friendly local people before getting started on a crisp morning walking tour with your nature guide through a serene atmosphere. Learn about how this town preserves, protects and generates their income using resources from the surrounding forest. You’ll also have a chance to try making herb oil made from the pine needles you collect on your hike! Woodworking activities, such as making your own chopsticks is quite popular here too!

  • DAY4

    Saroma - Shiretoko

    The highlight of today is definitely horseback riding through diverse terrain. From beginners to experienced riders, all are welcome here, so no matter your level you can enjoy a relaxing ride! After a quick lesson, you’ll head out through fields of thick, shoulder-high grass, and make your way out into rivers, and even out into the ocean with waves crashing beneath you! The horses are beautiful and because they are allowed to roam stress-free and graze year-round they have peaceful personalities. Enjoy a fun cooking experience, making handmade Udon noodles and tornado potatoes for lunch! Your next stop is Shiretoko. It is one of the most beautiful places in Japan, registered as a World Heritage Site, thanks to the well-preserved nature and abundance of wildlife. Shiretoko is also known to have one the largest concentrations of brown bears in the world!

  • DAY5

    Shiretoko - Shiretoko

    Start your day with a scenic trek around the Shiretoko five Lakes. There’s a beautiful elevated handcrafted wooden path for easy walking, as well as ground pathways carefully designed to give you the best views and lookout points of the local area. Feel the serene power of mother nature and be prepared to take lots of photos if you like capturing wildlife! After lunch, you’ll visit the majestic Kamuiwakka Waterfalls. Different from most waterfalls, the water here is warm since it originates from a natural hot spring, and the basin of the waterfall turns into an open-air bath where you can sit and relax!

  • DAY6

    Shiretoko - Kussharo

    Our first stop is Rausu, which is located on the northeast coast of Hokkaido. Let’s go on a fun tour exploring the local fishing village and experience a real fish auction! See how the local fisherman and buyers make their fast-paced deals at the market. Seafood is this region’s specialty. Enjoy learning how to shuck sea urchin and make your own fresh seafood bowl for lunch. Next, you’ll hop on a Nature Cruise to see some ocean wildlife. Dolphin and killer whale sightings are not a rare occasion here! This cruise is also known for bear watching and will guide you around the Shiretoko Peninsula, a preserved area with one of the largest concentrations of brown bears in the world!

  • DAY7

    Kussharo - Kussharo

    You’ll arrive at Lake Kussharo located in Akan National Park. This spectacular caldera lake has turquoise blue waters with the surrounding mountains mirroring off its calm surface. Your guide will set you up in your canoe, giving you the best comfort throughout your picturesque journey. Lunchtime is a special treat! Your guides will prepare a handmade meal using locally sourced seasonal ingredients, such as oysters and corn! The best part is that they’ll cook the food using the geothermal heat generated by the active volcano! A trip to Lake Mashu known for its clear waters with a visibility of 41.6 meters, as well as a stop by Mt.lwo, an active volcano that spews clouds of sulphur into the air is also part of today’s adventure!

  • DAY8

    Kussharo - Obihiro

    Enjoy a fantastic day at the top of Mt. Mokoto, exactly 1,000 meters high. The mountain’s peak offers a spectacular panoramic view of Lake Kussharo, Lake Akan and the Shiretoko Mountain Range! Also, it’s possible to choose the 1.5-hour course if you’d like to start trekking from the 725-meter point. This will surely be one of the most inspiring and photogenic moments of your adventure.
    Next, head to Obihiro for ice cream at local shops and a relaxing onsen at your hotel.

  • DAY9

    Obihiro - Sapporo

    Visit the Murase farm known for its homelike atmosphere and farm-life experience! Together we’ll have fun under the blue sky, harvesting seasonal vegetables to make a homemade lunch. This will be a great time to mingle with the local people and learn about their peaceful lifestyle. Off to Sapporo for dinner and shopping! For the afternoon, you are free to roam the city as you please! Enjoy shopping in downtown or visit some of the city’s popular sights (TV Tower, Odori Park, Mt. Okura Ski Jump, Hokkaido Shrine, and many more!) We recommend having some local favorites for dinner: Ramen, Genghis Khan and Soup Curry are highly recommended!

  • DAY10

    Sapporo - Chitose Airport

    It’s your day to do some last-minute shopping in downtown Sapporo, or enjoy shopping at one of the outlet malls near the airport! Hokkaido’s recently revamped airport is a destination all on its own. Get ready for an abundance of Hokkaido made delicacies, which make great souvenirs! There are also many attractions such as a movie theatre, onsen, Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park and a Ramen Dojo, which houses 10 of the best ramen establishments from all over Hokkaido, each with their own signature style. Enjoy even the last hour of your trip!




from 650,000 JPY per person (for a group of 6 people)






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