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9 Days fun winter activities in Hokkaido, JAPAN

Massive Ice Sculptures, Frozen Waterfalls and Drift Ice in Eastern Hokkaido





from 320,000 JPY per person (for a group of 6 people)


Come and explore the spectacular landscapes and the thrilling winter activities Hokkaido has to offer! You’ll see frozen waterfalls, massive snow and ice sculptures, wild animals and the famous drift ice in Abashiri, an area in Eastern Hokkaido where the ocean freezes over! Experience dog sledding on a 10km trail through stunning surroundings, as well as an abundance of On-Ice activities: ice fishing, snowmobiles, banana boat rides, four-wheel buggies, cross-country skiing and ice skating can be arranged! Enjoy savory seasonal foods and relax in one of the rarest hot springs in the world! You’re bound to fall in love with the winter wonderland of Hokkaido!


  1. Day 1: Chitose Airport - Tokachigawa
  2. Day 2: Tokachigawa - Akan
  3. Day 3: Akan - Yoroushi
  4. Day 4: Yoroushi - Shiretoko
  5. Day 5: Shiretoko - Abashiri
  6. Day 6: Abashiri - Sounkyo
  7. Day 7: Sounkyo - Sapporo
  8. Day 8: Sapporo - Sapporo
  9. Day 9: Sapporo - Chitose Airport
  • DAY1

    Chitose Airport - Tokachigawa

    Your journey starts now as we make our way to one of the rarest hot springs in the world! Tokachigawa Onsen is a “Moor” (plant derived) hot spring giving it a higher content of natural moisturizing ingredients compared with ordinary hot springs. Take your time letting the heat and minerals relax your body to the core and be amazed of the healing power it will have on your skin! Before getting settled into your hotel, we’ll take a stroll through the nearby Sairnka lighting festival, a spectacular event that’s based on the theme of the more than 1,000 white swans that fly to Tokachigawa Onsen every year. Enjoy the impressive lights that are synced with music spreading over a broad snowy landscape. 

  • DAY2

    Tokachigawa - Akan

    Get ready for the ultimate winter adventure! Drive your own team of Alaskan Huskies on a trail stretching more than 10km! After brief instructions, you’ll have some time to communicate and have physical contact with the dogs, which is very important for build a bond before your journey. Feel the power and stamina of the Alaskan Huskies as you make your way through the crisp climate and stunning surrounds. After a savory pork Shabu Shabu lunch at a local restaurant, we’ll make our way to Lake Akan to experience the subzero Festival on Frozen Ice! This festival takes place on a frozen lake, with fun things to do, such as viewing massive snow sculptures and eating local specialties from food stands while watching a spectacular fireworks show!

  • DAY3

    Akan - Yoroushi

    Today you’ll get to experience an abundance of thrilling On-Ice activities! Meet your experienced local guide who will show you how to heat your tent, drill a hole in the ice, fish for smelt and make tempura on the spot with what you catch! You can also enjoy snowmobiles, banana boat rides, four-wheel buggies, cross-country skiing and ice skating! Warm up with delicious ramen or a fresh pork bowl for lunch. Next, you’ll visit Lake Kussahro, a famous area where whooper swans return every year! Appreciate their graceful presence and have fun capturing them on camera! Finish the day relaxing at your resort hotel in Yoroushi. This hotel is known for its lovely food and the Blakiston Fish Owls that come to feed in the lobby, patio and poolside areas! Have fun feeding and observing these majestic creatures up close!

  • DAY4

    Yoroushi - Shiretoko

    Our first stop today is Rausu, an area famous for having the most delicious seasonal sea urchin from January through June. Enjoy learning how to shuck sea urchin and make your own fresh seafood bowl for lunch. Your next stop is Shiretoko. It is one of the most beautiful places in Japan, registered as a World Heritage Site, thanks to the well-preserved nature and abundance of wildlife. Take a drift ice nature cruise! From the ship, you can see such natural treasures as white-tailed and sea eagles flocking in a world of ice. You may even be able to see the faces of seals peeping from between the waves!

  • DAY5

    Shiretoko - Abashiri

    Strap on some snow shoes and head through the winter forest to see the famous frozen Furepe Waterfall. You'll also see traces of wild animals, and you might even get a glimpse of the local deer species, the Sika Deer. Enjoy your journey into the beautiful, snowy fantasy land. After lunch at a local restaurant, you’ll put on a “Dry Suit” and get ready for a unique Hokkaido adventure! Experience walking on drift ice out in the frozen sea! These massive blocks of floating ice are at their peak during February and March! Finish the day with a buffet style dinner at your hotel and a warm relaxing time in the onsen.

  • DAY6

    Abashiri - Sounkyo

    Check out of your hotel and take a drift ice cruise on an ice breaking ship called, “Aurora.” Abashiri is located at 44 degrees north latitude, and the shores of Okhotsk are the Southernmost point where the ocean freezes! “Drift ice sightseeing” is truly a remarkable experience and at its best during February and March. Let’s go to Kitami for lunch! This is an area famous for Yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ) where the number of Yakiniku restaurants per resident is the largest in Hokkaido! Enjoy meeting with the rural people and have Yakiniku the way the locals do, in small huts, houses and car garages! You’ll also visit the picturesque Ginga Ryusei frozen waterfalls and the Hyobaku Ice Festival, a place with massive ice castles you can walk inside of!

  • DAY7

    Sounkyo - Sapporo

    Our first stop today is Asahiyama Zoo! Enjoy viewing polar bears, hippos, monkeys, as well as lots of wildlife from Hokkaido, including deer, eagles, cranes and wolves! Depending on the weather, you may even get to see the famous penguin parade! Next, you’ll get to try the highly recommended Asahikawa Ramen! This savory ramen is known for its thin wavy noodles and shoyu (soy sauce) based broth. Make sure to order some toppings to go with it, such as green onions, pork, and bamboo shoots. You’ll love it! As we make our way back to your hotel in Sapporo, we’ll take you on a quick car tour of the city before dropping you off to explore the shopping areas and have dinner as you like.

  • DAY8

    Sapporo - Sapporo

    Have fun exploring the beautiful city of Sapporo at your leisure and enjoy the spectacular winter atmosphere. Visit some local sightseeing spots all within walking distance or just a few stops away on the foreigner friendly public transportation. Don’t forget to try some local favorites for lunch and dinner: Ramen, Genghis Khan, Yakitori and Soup Curry are highly recommended! If you’re traveling during early February, make sure to take a stroll through Odori Park, which becomes the main venue for the Sapporo Snow Festival! The entire park becomes filled with massive ice and snow sculptures created with impressive detail. Come prepared to take some epic pictures!

  • DAY9

    Sapporo - Chitose Airport

    It’s your day to do some last-minute shopping in downtown Sapporo, or enjoy shopping at one of the outlet malls near the airport! Hokkaido’s recently revamped airport is a remarkable destination all on its own. Get ready for an abundance of Hokkaido made delicacies, which make great souvenirs! There are also many attractions such as a movie theatre, onsen, Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park and a Ramen Dojo, which houses 10 of the best ramen establishments from all over Hokkaido, each with their own signature style. We hope you had a wonderful winter journey on Treasure Island and look forward to seeing you again soon!




from 320,000 JPY per person (for a group of 6 people)






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