From the East to the West: Private Tour Across Hokkaido



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Japan’s northernmost island Hokkaido has an unbelievably diverse nature and culture concentrated on one single island. This is a private tour across the island of treasures, packed full of unique Hokkaido experiences and the must-see sightseeing spots, allowing you to take in all the charms of Japan’s deepest north!

Your journey starts with the wilderness of the stunning national parks of East Hokkaido. This is also the farthest end of East Asia! Then it is time for the vast agricultural lands of Japan’s breadbasket. As you get towards the west, and the southern tip of Hokkaido, closer to Japan’s main island, there will be more reminders of the history of the first Japanese immigrants of Hokkaido.
And let us not to forget the presence of Ainu, the indigenous people of present Japan and Russia that can be felt all over the island starting from the local place names.


  1. DAY

    Memanbetsu Airport - Abashiri

    Welcome! To ensure this trip gives you a deeper look into the local way of life, let us start with a visit to Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples. Peek into the history of Hokkaido and immerse yourself into the traditions of the indigenous Ainu people.

  2. DAY

    Abashiri - Shiretoko

    Good morning Hokkaido! We know you are already eager to get your first taste of the local nature. On the way to the famous Shiretoko peninsula, it will be great to enjoy some birdwatching with a local guide at Lake Tofutsu in Koshimizu town.

  3. DAY

    Shiretoko - Shiretoko

    Let’s explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shiretoko National Park! After guided trekking at the gorgeous Five Lakes, you can join a nature cruise. Whales gather around this peninsula known by the name “End of the World” in the Ainu language.

  4. DAY

    Shiretoko - Yoroushi

    Time to stray off the beaten path: Today you will learn to cook authentic Japanese cuisine in Shibetsu village! The locals will teach you the diversity of local nature through “chazuke”, making full use of local ingredients from scallops to mushrooms.

  5. DAY

    Yoroushi - Kushiro

    We have arranged you a delightful canoe picnic in Akan-Mashu National Park, an excellent location for appreciating Japan’s volcanic activity. You can even try boiling eggs on the steaming hot water at the tip of Wakoto Peninsula of Lake Kussharo!

  6. DAY

    Kushiro - Kushiro

    This day is dedicated for amazingly fresh seafood! Discover the intriguing oyster fishery in Akkeshi with a local fisher. After the guided tour you will learn to open oysters with your own hands in an oyster bar, that has also excellent Akkeshi Whisky.

  7. DAY

    Kushiro - Tokachigawa

    After a week spend taking in the magnificent nature of East Hokkaido, it is time to open a new chapter of your Hokkaido tour. Today you will have a pleasant farm picnic with the locals at the Tokachi area, known as “the breadbasket of Japan”.

  8. DAY

    Tokachigawa - Biei

    Another side of Hokkaido agriculture: Milk a cow with your own hands at a dairy farm! Then, some Central Hokkaido sightseeing. The mysterious Blue Pond and impressive, rainbow-colored flower fields gather people from all around the world.

  9. DAY

    Biei - Iwamizawa

    Mount Asahidake in Daisetsuzan National Park is Hokkaido’s tallest mountain, and one of the popular must-see locations of the island. Today you can take a cable car to the top and enjoy some relaxing hiking and scenic views at your own pace.

  10. DAY

    Iwamizawa - Sapporo

    Welcome to Hokkaido’s capital city Sapporo! As we get towards south, you will learn more about the first Japanese of Hokkaido, but you can start the exploration with a visit to Historical Village of Hokkaido, an outdoor museum at the suburbs of Sapporo.

  11. DAY

    Sapporo - Sapporo

    Today you will have some well-earned free time in Sapporo. You can stroll around the city center, where many of the famous sightseeing spots are conveniently within walking distance. If you wish, you can head out for a little excursion with a streetcar!

  12. DAY

    Sapporo - Sapporo

    Just an hour drive from Sapporo, there are seaside towns of Otaru and Yoichi. Let us take you to the area’s famous fruit orchards and a special lunch at an old herring fisher’s house. After some sightseeing, there will be a premium sake brewery tour!

  13. DAY

    Sapporo - Shiraoi

    In the extensive National Ainu Museum and Park Upopoy, you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge regarding the history and present of Ainu in Hokkaido. You can even learn to understand the Ainu culture firsthand in various culture workshops.

  14. DAY

    Shiraoi - Lake Toya

    Today it is time to check out some famous Hokkaido sightseeing spots. First, enjoy a stroll at the steaming Noboribetsu Hell Valley, from where the journey continues to the gorgeous Lake Toya. In the evening, there will be some spectacular fireworks!

  15. DAY

    Lake Toya - Yakumo

    Off the beaten path! Today you will visit a local rice farm in the lovely village of Yakumo, where a charming farmer will show you how to make “mochi” rice cakes. In the evening you can dip into “onsen” hot springs at a traditional Japanese inn.

  16. DAY

    Yakumo - Esashi

    A local expert guide will tell you the history of Japanese immigrants in Esashi, one of the oldest Japanese towns in Hokkaido. Make matcha tea, visit the oldest Shinto shrine in Hokkaido and stroll an old street with reconstructed historic buildings.

  17. DAY

    Esashi - Hakodate

    After a nice scenic cycling around the lake area of Onuma Semi National Park, some fresh and warm local apple pie and locally produced wine will taste amazing! For the evening, we recommend the Hakodate ropeway to see the famed night view.

  18. DAY

    Hakodate - Hakodate

    Let a local guide take you around the city of Hakodate. Hakodate morning market, “the last samurai battlefield” Fort Goryokaku and Motomachi historical area are just some examples of the thought-provoking sights that Hakodate city offers.

  19. DAY

    Hakodate - Hakodate Airport

    Today marks the last day of your journey from the east to the west across Hokkaido. From Hakodate it is possible to catch Shinkansen bullet train towards Tokyo. You may have seen a lot, but believe it or not, Hokkaido has still a lot more to offer for your next visit!



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