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Off the Beaten Track Culinary Tour

First Class Cuisine at “Ryokan” and “Auberge” style accommodation, all the while enjoying Hokkaido’s unique breathtaking scenery.





740,000 JPY per person (for a group of 2 people)


First Class Cuisine at “Ryokan” and “Auberge” style accommodation, all the while enjoying Hokkaido’s unique breathtaking scenery.

While lodging at a relaxing hotel, you can enjoy a luxurious dinner made with the season’s best ingredients. The “Auberge” atmosphere will make your stay even more memorable as you discover its charm through its delicate dishes. Since you came all the way to the countryside food paradise, Hokkaido, we would like to make sure your stomach is filled with the most delightful and delectable dishes the island has to offer! Boasting high quality French cuisine and exclusivity of service, we would also like to introduce to you our traditional Japanese Ryokan (a Japanese inn with a hot spring), where local patrons visit repeatedly to enjoy traditional Japanese food. This 9-day tour will allow you to taste the best-tasting food and be enchanted by the beauty of Hokkaido. With all these in mind, would you be needing anything else for your upcoming holiday in Hokkaido?


  1. Day 1: Chitose Airport - Tokachigawa
  2. Day 2: Tokachigawa - Lake Kussharo
  3. Day 3: Lake Kussharo - Tsubetsu
  4. Day 4: Tsubetsu - Asahidake
  5. Day 5: Asahidake - Iwanai
  6. Day 6: Iwanai - Esashi
  7. Day 7: Esashi - Niseko
  8. Day 8: Niseko - Shiraoi
  9. Day 9: Shiraoi - Chitose Airport
  • DAY1

    Chitose Airport - Tokachigawa

    The first stop for today is ‘Mintaru’, a cheese shop/factory located at the annex of Kyodo-gakusha in Shintoku. Here you can find an award-winning cheese made from fresh pasteurized milk, said to be the most delicious cheese in the world! To add to the gourmet cheese experience, you will be having a luxurious traditional Japanese Kaiseki dinner at your hotel’s restaurant, also listed on Hokkaido’s Michelin Guide. The lavish onsen bath at your hotel also welcomes you to relax: Moor Onsen is one of the rarest types of hot springs in the world. Taking a dip in this bath will surely make you feel rested after a long trip.

  • DAY2

    Tokachigawa - Lake Kussharo

    Today, you will be visiting Hokkaido’s ‘phantom bridge’ in Kamishihoro – the Taushubetsu River Bridge. Depending on the amount of water in the dam, the bridge appears and disappears, a mystical phantom. Your next stop is the Naitai plateau, where you will feel refreshed by the serene and cool breeze. Tonight, you will be staying at a log house that is right beside Lake Kussharo. You will surely feel the warm hospitality and exclusivity because this hotel only has 2 suite rooms. Enjoy first class French cuisine made from freshly produced local ingredients with the motto ‘local production for local consumption’. And when you look up at the sky, you’ll see a sky full of stars, shining bright.

  • DAY3

    Lake Kussharo - Tsubetsu

    The main highlight for today is the scenic view from Tsubetsu Toge (Mountain Pass). Here you will see a majestic view of Lake Kussharo covered with a beautiful sea of clouds from above with the bright red tainted morning sun shining bright. Your trip in the afternoon includes a lively sulfur mountain to feel the earth’s power, and a peaceful stroll around a special forest inspiring nature’s therapy; you can actually feel a refreshing uplift! You will be staying at a hotel located in a quiet, secluded location within the forest and next to Chimikepp Lake. Your dinner will include food delicately presented, made with the best ingredients of the season. Enjoy fresh “Hokkaido-French food” and this blissful time with your beloved ones.

  • DAY4

    Tsubetsu - Asahidake

    Asahidake, located in Japan’s biggest park “Daisetsuzan National Park”, is the highest peak in Hokkaido, and is proud to be the earliest location on the island to meet the fiery colors of autumn leaves. A trekking tour of the park with a professional nature tour guide is one of the most popular activities among locals. Asahidake will be your neighbor for tonight’s hotel: it has a modern feel and a garden that is gorgeous all four seasons. You will enjoy the finest ingredients in Hokkaido made by some of the most renowned chefs on the island, in both French and Italian dishes, bon appetite & delizioso!

  • DAY5

    Asahidake - Iwanai

    Otaru, a port-city with historic buildings lined on both sides of the city’s main avenue, has a European and retro feel to it, making it very unique to travelers. Tonight, you will be lodging at a traditional Japanese Ryokan, where people from all over Japan gather to have a taste of a beautifully-prepared meal. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to stay at one of Japan’s traditional inns, the service and atmosphere adds wonders to memories. Have a luxurious dining experience while we fill your table to overflowing with the best selection of the freshest seafood that you can only have in Hokkaido.

  • DAY6

    Iwanai - Esashi

    It might not be easy making the trip out to this place we’re visiting today, however, Garou no Taki, having been chosen as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan, is definitely worth the trip. After that, you will take a stroll on the Kamome (seagulls) island while you enjoy the extraordinary view of the sunset. The beautifully detailed design of tonight’s accommodation might take your breath away! It has a modern and stylish taste, but also a traditional and peaceful atmosphere, what a perfect match! A lavish seasonal contemporary Kaiseki course dinner made from freshly harvested local organic produce and fresh seafood will be served for you. Enjoy wonderful food in your own private dining room.

  • DAY7

    Esashi - Niseko

    In this town, you will be able to see a village from the ancient times when this town was still trading Pacific herring as a form of livelihood. You will also be able to find old remnants, houses and the oldest Jinja (shrine) in Hokkaido. You will stop by and experience harvesting at Kuromatsunai to try freshly-picked vegetables. For the night, you will stay at an Auberge in Niseko; one of the pioneer locations of the Auberge style in Hokkaido. The chef Hiroshi Nakamichi who started this Auberge also owns the 3-star Michelin French restaurant Moliere in Sapporo. You are sure to love the design of each beautiful dish and the excellent taste. Please do not miss breakfast either, it is one of the best in Hokkaido!

  • DAY8

    Niseko - Shiraoi

    Alpine plants and trees change their appearances according to season here. You can take a walk along the promenade of Shinsen-numa to marvel at the beautiful scenery. After lunch, how about some delicious dessert, as Hokkaido is famous for its dairy products? You will then visit Mt. Usu, an active volcano, for more fantastic sights of the vast land, and move on to a well-known hot spring area, the Kojo-hama Onsen in Shiraoi. While gazing at the blue sea, you can enjoy a peaceful hot spring bath at the luxury accommodation Furukawa. Blessed with voluminous quantity of the best of hot spring water quality, just soaking in this hot spring will make you feel refreshed, happy, and relaxed from its therapeutic powers. Enjoy Shiraoi beef, a famous brand product of the area, well known as the beef that melts in your mouth! For seafood lovers, enjoy the fish caught at Kojo-hama for tonight’s dinner.

  • DAY9

    Shiraoi - Chitose Airport

    Depending on the time of your flight, you can visit Lake Shikotsu, a beautiful Caldera Lake near the airport.
    Enjoy the view or some of the famous trout from this lake.
    Either way, we hope you had an enjoyable time here in Hokkaido with many memories and fun stories to take home with you! We wish you enjoy the last part of your journey and a safe flight back home!




740,000 JPY per person (for a group of 2 people)




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