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*This tour is a fixed small group tour which cannot be customized, unlike other custom-made tours that we handle. Please understand that requests which do not fall under this plan will be voided. Please check the email you receive after applying for details.

Hokkaido is famous for its delicious vegetables grown on large fertile farmlands. This magnificent island is also famous for its abundant savory seafood, as it is completely surrounded by the ocean. Hokkaido is home to some of the best dairy products in the world, with many healthy free-range cows being raised on natural grass. The forests and rich soil are what make Hokkaido unique in being able to produce such rich ingredients. September is one of the best seasons to enjoy Hokkaido food to the fullest! Come taste the delicacies this beautiful land has been blessed with! In this carefully crafted tour, you’ll get to visit and meet with various kinds of producers. Enjoy acquiring insight on how food makes its way from the farm to the table, and experience learning how vegetables are harvested, how fish are caught, and how cows are milked!
You’ll visit two areas, which include “Shiribeshi” and “Iburi” located in Western Hokkaido.

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    Sapporo - Yoichi

    Visit the town of Yoichi, famous for Nikka Whisky and apples! The founder of Nikka, Mr. Masataka Taketsuru, decided to establish his whisky distillery in Yoichi because the weather conditions are very similar to Scotland. However, making whiskey is quite a long process, so he decided to grow apple trees and sell apple juice to stay busy during the fermentation process. Yoichi soon became one of the first towns to succeed in apple products! These days, a wide variety of apples are produced in Yoichi. Enjoy visiting some local apple orchards and taste the variety of apples! You’ll also get to visit the nostalgic Nikka Whisky Distillery!
    In the afternoon, you’ll make your way to a small local port. Salmon is in season and at its best from September through early October and will definitely be the highlight of your trip. In Yoichi, there is a famous fisherwoman! Traditionally, a fisherman’s work is known to be extremely tough, requiring a lot of physical strength, so it’s quite unique and special that she decided to follow her father’s footsteps in her work. You’ll get to see how salmon is fished and enjoy a spectacular salmon course dinner!

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    Yoichi - Iwanai

    Yoichi also has some well-established wineries for you to explore and see how they make their wine. We look forward to giving you a great time to enjoy special wines that you can not taste elsewhere.
    Your next stop will be the small fisherman’s town of Iwanai. Enjoy the classic atmosphere as you walk along the local street with shops featuring fishcakes, sweets and handmade bags. Get ready for a spectacular hand-rolled sushi dinner in the evening!

  3. DAY

    Iwanai - Toyoura

    Visit the town of Kuromatsunai, which has been declared as “one of the most beautiful villages in Japan!” The climate in Kuromatsunai is cool and often cloudy and foggy, therefore dairy farms are more numerous than vegetable farms. Thanks to the abundant supply of fresh milk, Kuromatsunai is famous for its delicious cheese. The combination of the wonderful wine we met the day before and the special cheese made in this land is the best.
    The time spent with the wonderful views of Japan's most beautiful village will be the best holiday for you.

  4. DAY

    Toyoura - Sapporo

    It’s time for more salmon! Did you know that salmon have an amazing sense to make their way from the ocean back to the river they were born in? Come and see how the salmon swim upstream to spawn on gravel beds. You’ll also have a chance to visit a local vegetable farm and harvest your own vegetables that compliment savory salmon dishes! Not only will you be able to taste various salmon dishes during your trip, you’ll also be able to learn and experience how the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido used salmon skins to make boots. Their culture made great efforts to not waste any life. How about a fun hands-on experience making and wearing Ainu style boots?


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    200,000JPY (Twin Use) / person
    210,000JPY (Single Use) / person
    *minimum 4 participants


    3 Nights' Accommodation
    3 Breakfasts / 4 Lunches / 3 Dinners
    4 Days chartered car with Driver
    4 Days with English speaking licensed Guide
    Admission fees
    Activity fees


    Jumbo Taxi*
    *Toyota HIACE


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