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Vivid Sunflowers & a Classic Rural Hokkaido Experience

Taste the Sweetest Corn in the Rich Land of Tokachi!





from 360,000 JPY per person (For a group of 6 people)


August is the sunniest month in Hokkaido, when everything is shining and vivid in color. This tour is full of picturesque rural adventures. Have fun picking corn in the beautiful countryside and experience eating the sweetest and freshest corn you’ve ever had in your life! You’ll also be guided through the largest Sunflower Park in all of Hokkaido, an unforgettable landscape with around 1.5 million sunflowers full of life. Enjoy relaxing hot springs, cooking activities with locals, various outdoor activities and BBQ in Kitami, an area famous for Yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ) where the number of Yakiniku restaurants per resident is the largest in Hokkaido!


  1. Day 1: Chitose Airport - Asahikawa
  2. Day 2: Asahikawa - Asahikawa
  3. Day 3: Asahikawa - Abashiri
  4. Day 4: Abashiri - Shiretoko
  5. Day 5: Shiretoko - Yoroushi
  6. Day 6: Yoroushi - Akan
  7. Day 7: Akan - Tokachigawa
  8. Day 8: Tokachigawa - Sapporo
  9. Day 9: Sapporo - Sapporo
  10. Day 10: Sapporo - Chitose Airport
  • DAY1

    Chitose Airport - Asahikawa

    Welcome to Hokkaido! After arriving at the airport, we’ll make our way to Asahikawa! Depending on your arrival time, we may even be able to pass through Biei, a picturesque hilly area famous for its patchwork landscapes. After checking in to your hotel, make sure to have a taste of the region’s local specialty, Asahikawa ramen. This savory ramen is known for its thin wavy noodles and shoyu (soy sauce) based broth. We recommend ordering toppings to go with it, such as green onions, pork, and bamboo shoots. You’ll love it!

  • DAY2

    Asahikawa - Asahikawa

    Get ready for a fun countryside corn picking experience and enjoy the sweetest corn you’ve ever had in your life! Hokkaido has the most delicious corn in all of Japan, today you’ll get to pick your own corn and eat it in its freshest state, right in the corn field! After lunch at a local restaurant, we’ll make our way to a spectacular Sunflower Park in Hokuryu Town, which is actually the largest in Hokkaido with around 1.5 million sunflowers! Words can’t describe the beauty of the vivid sunflower panorama with blue skies above. It’s truly unforgettable. Our next stop is Otokoyama Sake Brewery, where you get to learn about the history and brewing process of this exquisite award-winning sake that has gained significant global recognition among sake connoisseurs. Asahikawa has 167 rivers and over 750 bridges! It’s a place that is blessed with water, which is indispensable for brewing sake. Head back to your hotel for a relaxing evening.

  • DAY3

    Asahikawa - Abashiri

    Our first stop is Sounkyo, a small onsen town with powerful volcanic hot springs and a unique rural atmosphere. Enjoy viewing and taking pictures of the graceful Ginga and Ryusei waterfalls. Let’s go to Kitami, an area famous for Yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ) where the number of Yakiniku restaurants per resident is the largest in Hokkaido! Enjoy meeting with the rural people and have Yakiniku the way the locals do, in small huts, houses and car garages! Today you’ll also visit Lake Abashiri and Cape Notoro, a scenic area with open roads and a stylish lighthouse that’s actually been featured in a few films. Check-in to your hotel and take your time relaxing in the onsen before a spectacular dinner.

  • DAY4

    Abashiri - Shiretoko

    Your next stop is Shiretoko. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Japan, registered as a World Heritage Site, thanks to the well-preserved nature and abundance of wildlife. Have you heard about the brown bears in Hokkaido? They’re massive! Start your day with a scenic trek around the five Shiretoko Goko Lakes. There’s a beautiful elevated handcrafted wooden path for easy walking, as well as ground pathways carefully designed to give you the best views and lookout points of the local area. Feel the serene power of mother nature and be prepared to take lots of photos if you like capturing wildlife! After lunch at a local restaurant, get ready for a bear watching cruise around the Shiretoko Peninsula, a preserved area with one of the largest concentration of brown bears in the world. Finish your day relaxing in the onsen. Enjoy the sunset and dinner at the hotel.

  • DAY5

    Shiretoko - Yoroushi

    Our first stop is Rausu, which is located on the northeast coast of Hokkaido. We’ll make our way there on one of the most scenic routes on the island, the “Shiretoko Pass.” This highway is quite popular among drivers during the summer, and the panoramic views of snow that still remains at the end of July create a beautiful contrast. After a quick stop at the Nature Center and a fresh seafood lunch at a local restaurant, you’ll hop on a Nature Cruise to see some ocean wildlife. Dolphin and killer whale sightings are not a rare occasion here! Enjoy a relaxing evening at your resort hotel in Yoroushi. This hotel is famous for its lovely food and the Blakiston Fish Owls that come to feed in the lobby, patio and poolside areas! Have fun feeding and observing these majestic creatures up close!

  • DAY6

    Yoroushi - Akan

    Get ready for a fun rural experience at the Watanabe Cow Farm, a certified national dairy farming educational farm. You can learn about the symbiotic relationship between people and nature, the importance of food and the warmth of life while being in direct contact with cows! You’ll even get to try cow milking and making your own ice cream! After lunch at a local restaurant, make your way to Lake Kussharo located in Akan National Park! Enjoy the beautiful caldera lake with various outdoor activities available, such as kayaking, canoeing, cycling, fishing and trekking. You’ll also have a chance to stop by Mt lo, an active volcano that spews clouds of sulphur into the air, providing a unique photo opportunity! Check-in to your hotel and have fun exploring the Ainu village at night.

  • DAY7

    Akan - Tokachigawa

    Your next stop is Lake Akan. Take a cruise or visit the local museum to learn about unique Green Moss Balls called, “Marimo” that mysteriously grow in the lake. Take a trip to Honbetsu Town for a specially designed activity with local farmers, where you’ll learn to make tofu from soy beans! Have fun being guided through the process by the friendly farmers and enjoy fresh soy milk and a healthy lunch! Make your way towards Tokachigawa Onsen and enjoy a quick stop by the majestic Ikeda Wine Castle built on a hill, and a local gelato shop too! Make yourself comfortable at your hotel near the Tokachi River. Please take your time to enjoy the special hot springs of this region, “Moor Onsen.” It’s one of the rarest types of onsen in the world full of minerals and great for your skin! Rest well and enjoy dinner at the hotel.

  • DAY8

    Tokachigawa - Sapporo

    Get ready for a fun rural experience cooking with friendly locals! Arrive in the small town of Shintoku and get acquainted with your local cooking guides. Together you’ll have fun making soba noodles from scratch! A pork Shabushabu lunch and outdoor activities such as rafting can also be arranged. Off to Sapporo for dinner and shopping! You are free this evening to roam the city as you please! Enjoy shopping in downtown or visit some of the city’s popular sights (TV Tower, Odori Park, Mt. Okura Ski Jump, Hokkaido Shrine, and many more!) We recommend having some local favorites for dinner: Ramen, Genghis Khan and Soup Curry are highly recommended!

  • DAY9

    Sapporo - Sapporo

    Have fun exploring Sapporo for a day at your leisure. Take your time and enjoy this open-schedule day to shop, visit some local sights, a few restaurants of your choice or take a stroll around Odori Park to mingle with the city people. Make sure the stop by the “Sapporo Odori Beer Garden,” where you can savor the beer of leading domestic brewers while enjoying Hokkaido seasonal foods in the wide-open park. It’s the largest beer garden in all of Japan!

  • DAY10

    Sapporo - Chitose Airport

    Even your last day can be enjoyed to the fullest! Go shopping in downtown Sapporo, or stop by one of the popular outlet malls on the way to the airport. Lots of seafood and Hokkaido specialties are available at the recently revamped Chitose Airport, which is actually an impressive destination on its own. Have fun exploring and doing some last-minute shopping! We hope you had a wonderful experience here on Treasure Island and look forward to adventuring with you again soon!




from 360,000 JPY per person (For a group of 6 people)






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