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Experience Hokkaido’s Vivid Lavender & Spectacular Outdoor Activities!

Experience Hokkaido’s Vivid Lavender & Spectacular Outdoor Activities!





from 360,000 JPY per person (For a group of 6 people)


In July, Hokkaido is flourishing with new life, lush landscapes and the famous Lavender Fields of Furano. Enjoy the beautiful area to the fullest with easy trekking, biking, canoeing and other enjoyable outdoor activities. On this tour, we’ll take you to many popular Hokkaido sights such as the sea of clouds in Tomamu, Otaru Canal, Cape Shakotan, fireworks at Lake Toya, Noboribetsu Hell Valley, Sapporo City, and more! Get ready to experience some stunning colorful sights and delicious local food on this beautiful treasure island.


  1. Day 1: Chitose - Tomamu
  2. Day 2: Tomamu - Tomamu
  3. Day 3: Tomamu - Furano
  4. Day 4: Furano - Otaru
  5. Day 5: Otaru - Iwanai
  6. Day 6: Iwanai - Lake Toya
  7. Day 7: Lake Toya - Sapporo
  8. Day 8: Sapporo - Sapporo
  9. Day 9: Sapporo - Chitose Airport
  • DAY1

    Chitose - Tomamu

    Welcome to Hokkaido! Today is an easygoing day with plenty of time to relax and prepare for your journey starting tomorrow. Have fun getting acquainted with your driver as you make your way to Tomamu Resort. Check-in to your hotel and feel free to explore the Pool and Spa Resort before a buffet style dinner.

  • DAY2

    Tomamu - Tomamu

    The adventure begins! Start the early morning with a 13-minute ride on the gondola to Unkai Terrace located 1,088m above sea level. Here you’ll see an astonishing panoramic view of the sun rising over a sea of clouds, and even have a chance to enjoy it over a cup of coffee! After breakfast and lunch and some more time to relax around the Spa Resort, we’ll make our way to Minami Furano, a beautiful hilly countryside landscape. Meet with your local guide and get ready for an outdoor adventure of your choice! Forest hiking, mountain biking and canoeing can be arranged. All activities are picturesque with the possibility to see lavender in full-bloom around Lake Kanayama!

  • DAY3

    Tomamu - Furano

    Feel free to start your day with another breathtaking gondola trip to view the panoramic sea of clouds from Unkai Terrace. After checking out of your hotel, head over to Tomita Farm in Furano, the spectacular land of lavender fields. Tomita Farm is famous for its “Lavender East,” one of the largest-scale lavender farms in Japan. Make sure to try the famous lavender ice cream! Get ready for a fun time with lots of laughs over a “Flowing Somen Noodle Lunch!” The noodles flow along a bamboo-slide as you try to catch them before they flow past you! Pick your own melon on the Furano Melon Tour! You’ll also visit a local café that uses these melons to make a variety of creatively designed sweets. Finish your day exploring Ningle Terrace, a beautiful collection of boutique cottages, housing specialty arts and crafts along with their creators.

  • DAY4

    Furano - Otaru

    Check out of your hotel and start the day at a spacious cluster of shops called, “Furano Marche,” the ultimate food paradise selling local goods and souvenirs. Next stop, the nostalgic port town of Otaru! Old bank buildings and warehouses are still left from the times when this town thrived of herring fishing. After a grilled chicken or fresh sushi lunch, enjoy walking around the famous Otaru Canal, Sakai Machi Street, Music Box Museum, glass blowing shops, the LeTAO Cheesecake headquarters, and many more one-of-a-kind spots. The romantic atmosphere comes to life in the evening when the gas lanterns and streetlights illuminate the city in style. Have dinner at a local restaurant of your choice.

  • DAY5

    Otaru - Iwanai

    Get ready for a spectacular experience at Cape Shakotan and Cape Kamui. These stunning landscapes overlook a rugged coastal line and a deep translucent blue ocean with underwater visibility of 30 meters! You can enjoy this magical environment from high lookout points or hike down to sea level for a refreshing dip in the ocean if you like! Sea Urchin is the local specialty, and today you’ll experience shucking and preparing your own savory sea urchin lunch. It doesn’t get any fresher than this! Finish the day relaxing at your Ryokan (Traditional Japanese Style Inn) and enjoy the cultural experience of the “at home” atmosphere.

  • DAY6

    Iwanai - Lake Toya

    Today you’ll visit Kuromatsunai, one of the most beautiful villages in Hokkaido known for its rich and unique nature. Meet your local guide and start your adventure on a beach forest walking tour. Enjoy the spectacular contrast of terrain where the forest meets the ocean. After lunch at a traditional Japanese restaurant, we’ll stop by a local family’s house (The Tomita Family). Here you’ll take part in a fun Rice Cake "Mochi" Pounding and potato chips making activity. This is the ultimate rural experience! Stay the night at a beautiful hotel near Lake Toya and enjoy the wonderful fireworks show!

  • DAY7

    Lake Toya - Sapporo

    Start the day with a stunning ropeway view from the top of Mt. Usu, an active volcano! On our way to Noboribetsu, we’ll stop by Shiraoi for lunch to enjoy some tender, deep flavored Hokkaido raised Shiraoi Beef. Next stop, “Hell Valley,” a spectacular site just above Noboribetsu Onsen thriving with hot steam vents, sulfurous streams and other volcanic activity. There are attractive walking trails through the wooded hills, which will take you to Oyunuma, a mysterious sulfurous pond. You’ll arrive in Sapporo in the early evening with plenty of time to explore the downtown area, shop and have dinner at a restaurant of your choice.

  • DAY8

    Sapporo - Sapporo

    Have a fun and relaxing day exploring the beautiful city of Sapporo at your leisure. Apart from the abundance of shopping facilities in Sapporo Station, Tanukikoji and the underground walkways, you can also visit some local sightseeing spots all within walking distance. We highly recommend the TV Tower for a bird’s-eye view of the city and Odori Park, which is full of carefully designed flowerbeds during this time of year. Don’t forget to try Sapporo Ramen, Soup Curry or Genghis Khan at one of the many establishments in the heart of downtown.

  • DAY9

    Sapporo - Chitose Airport

    It’s time for some last-minute shopping in downtown Sapporo, or enjoy shopping at Mitsui Outlet Mall near the airport! If you decide to spend some time exploring the recently revamped Chitose Airport then make sure to arrive a bit early as it’s a destination all on its own. There are also many attractions, including a movie theater, onsen, Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park and a Ramen Dojo, which houses 10 of the best ramen establishments from all over Hokkaido, each with their own signature style. Enjoy even the last hour of your trip!




from 360,000 JPY per person (For a group of 6 people)






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