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Have you ever had a bento box picnic surrounded by cherry blossoms in all directions? It truly is one of the most life-changing experiences you’ll have in Hokkaido. Visit Matsumae Castle and Goryokaku Tower which are two vibrant cherry blossom viewing spots rich with history and tranquility. Make sure to bring a nice camera! You’ll also get to try sushi making, scallop shucking and fun cooking activities in rural areas with local people.

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    Chitose Airport - Noboribetsu

    Welcome! It’s springtime in Hokkaido, the weather is crisp and the landscape is full of new life. Before heading to a ninja village to watch an action-packed samurai show in Noboribetsu, we’re going to stop by Shiraoi for lunch to enjoy some tender, deep flavored Hokkaido raised Shiraoi Beef. You’ll also be visiting the best hot spring in Noboribetsu! Experience the natural healing power of the most famous volcanic hot springs in town. Be ready to wake up tomorrow feeling rejuvenated.

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    Noboribetsu - Hakodate

    Words can’t describe what you’re about to experience today! Goryokaku Tower is absolutely one of the best cherry blossom viewing sites in all of Japan.
    The historical layout of the land in contrast with the soft pink cherry blossoms creates a surreal atmosphere that’s life-changing. Get ready to feel inspired! It’s said that when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the future is bursting with possibilities. Finish the day on the Mt. Hakodate Ropeway overlooking a nightscape that is so stunningly beautiful it’s been honored as one of Japan’s three great night view sites.

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    Hakodate - Hakodate

    Journey to the southernmost point of Hokkaido! Matsumae Castle is a powerful historical site that thrived during the Edo period. Take a walk through the surrounding temple district which has some of the oldest and most culturally valuable structures in all of Hokkaido! It’s time to have a real Hanami Picnic just like the locals do! With over ten thousand cherry trees on the grounds, this will definitely be one of the most picturesque picnics you’ve ever experienced. Finish the day back in the romantic Motomachi area of Hakodate for shopping and dinner of your choice.

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    Hakodate - Lake Toya

    Enjoy a majestic boat ride at the foot of Mt. Komagatake in Onuma Quasi National Park. You’ll explore the mysterious volcanic landscape and have a chance to take some fun photos with a powerful backdrop. Seafood is the local specialty! Today you’ll have a memorable social experience with a seafood cooking activity organized by a local group of Fisherman’s mothers. Don’t forget to have a look at the Geysers and try a relaxing all natural footbath before departing for Lake Toya!

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    Lake Toya - Lake Toya

    Get ready for a rural experience around Toyoura Town. In Japanese characters, Toyo means “rich” and ura means “bay.” Toyoura is known as the origin of Japanese scallop cultivation and for having some of the most delicious seafood in all of Japan. After meeting your tour guide, you’ll put on some “kappa-zubon” (“raincoat pants”) and learn about the local cultivation process. You’ll also get to fish and shuck scallops. Enjoy your savory seafood lunch followed by a trip to Lake Hill Farm for some freshly made gelato. Finish the day with a stunning ropeway view from the top of Mt. Usu, an active volcano!

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    Lake Toya - Otaru

    Do you like soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles)? Have you ever made it from scratch? Let’s head over to the Old Herring House Café in the rural town of Yoichi and learn how to make handmade soba! Make new friends with the locals and enjoy your homemade meal together. As we make our way to Otaru, we’ll stop by the Nikka whiskey distillery known for its beautiful architecture and award-winning Hokkaido made whiskeys. A visit to the Otaru Aquarium can also be arranged!

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    Otaru - Sapporo

    Today you’ll be visiting the nostalgic port town of Otaru. Old bank buildings and warehouses are still left from the times when this town thrived of herring fishing. Enjoy walking around the famous Otaru canal, Sakai Machi Street, Music Box Museum, glass blowing shops and many more one-of-a-kind spots. Have lunch at a local restaurant of your choice. The romantic atmosphere comes to life in the evening when the gas lanterns and streetlights illuminate the city in style.

  8. DAY

    Sapporo - Sapporo

    Have a fun and relaxing day exploring the beautiful city of Sapporo at your leisure. Apart from the abundance of shopping facilities in Sapporo Station, Tanukikoji and the underground walkways, you can also visit some local sightseeing spots all within walking distance. We highly recommend the TV Tower for a bird’s-eye view of the city and Odori Park, which is full of carefully designed flowerbeds. Don’t forget to try Sapporo Ramen, Soup Curry or Genghis Khan at one of the many establishments in the heart of downtown.

  9. DAY

    Sapporo - Chitose

    It’s your day to do some last-minute shopping in downtown Sapporo, or enjoy shopping at one of the outlet malls near the airport! Hokkaido’s recently revamped airport is a destination all on its own. Get ready for an abundance of Hokkaido made delicacies, which make great souvenirs! There are also many attractions such as a movie theatre, onsen, Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park and a Ramen Dojo, which houses 10 of the best ramen establishments from all over Hokkaido, each with their own signature style. Enjoy even the last hour of your trip!


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    BNoboribetsu Winter


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    DLake Toya

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    DLake Toya


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    Standard at 290,000 JPY / person
    Deluxe at 380,000 JPY / person
    Luxury at 610,000 JPY / person
    (For a group of 6 people)


    8 Nights' Accommodation
    8 Days chartered car with Driver
    Admission fees
    Activity fees


    1-2 travelers: Sedan*
    3-6 travelers: Jumbo Taxi*
    7 or more travelers: Minibus**
    *English-Speaking Driver
    **Driver+English-Speaking Tour Guide
    (Larger buses are available)
    Luxury Plan Customers: An upgrade to Audi A6/A8 or to buses with first class equipment is available.


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