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Our mission is to design you a perfect custom-made trip in Hokkaido, North Japan. A trip that has been personally arranged to meet all your wishes. Our basic services include everything you need for your vacation, starting from a car with a personal driver, all the way to unique activities and accommodation. Hokkaido is full of exceptional experiences that just cannot be arranged by an individual traveler. This is where we come into play. With our professional attitude, local knowledge and connections, we can create and organize just the kind of vacation that you have always dreamed of. Just leave everything for us.

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Important notice:
Travel enquires for dates in 2023 are no longer being accepted. We look forward to hearing from you for applications for January 2024 and onwards.

Preferences and Requests

Which of the following describes the best your travel style?REQUIRED  Active/Outdoors Fun for Kids/Family friendly Honeymoon/Anniversary
 Packed schedule/See as much as possible Relaxing schedule
*Please go ahead and mention any specific requests and needs here (including necessity of wheelchair, dialysis support etc.)

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What are you most looking forward to in Hokkaido? REQUIRED Your interests (in order of priority)

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Do you already have somewhere in mind you would like to visit in Hokkaido? i ).  ii ).  iii).
Interest in breweries and wineries
Do you have any allergies or special dietary requirements?REQUIRED
Please note that raw seafood (sashimi), Lamb BBQ (Jingisukan) and beef are popular local food in Hokkaido. We will be happy to take into consideration your special dietary and arrange Muslim friendly meals, vegetarian meals and more.
I would love to go off the beaten path!REQUIRED
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Trip Info

Approximate travel datesREQUIRED 【Arrival】
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If you have not yet decided or are flexible, please let us know around when you were planning to travel (e.g. January) and/or how long private tour are you interested in (e.g. 7 days)
Travel budgetREQUIRED Budget
*Private tours only. Travel budget lower than 700 USD/person/day cannot be arranged (Ex. 2 adults. The final price depends on multiple factors, such as the number of travelers, the length of your stay and the season.)
*Our service includes a full package of customized itinerary, accommodation, car with a private driver and unique activities. Airfare not included.

Traveler Info

Number of travelers REQUIRED Adult (12 years and above)* Child (3 to 11 years old) Baby (2 years and under)
*Private tours only. No group tour packages.
*Minimum number of people for a private tour is 2
Will the child/baby be sleeping in the same bed with you or do they need their own bed?
Who are you traveling with?  Family Friends Partner Coworkers / Office trip
Select age  10’s-20's 30's-40's 50's-60's 70's and above
Will this be your first trip to Hokkaido?  First time A few times
Will this be your first trip to Japan?  First time A few times

Accommodation Preferences

Room type preference Single  Double  Twin  Triple Quad
Are you alright with Japanese futon bedding and tatami floor?  Yes No
*Please note that some hot spring resorts offer Japanese style rooms with tatami and futon only.
Would you like to stay in a smoker-friendly hotel room?  Yes No
Are you alright with public “onsen” hot springs?  Yes No
*Please note that some hot spring resorts offer public baths only.

Car & Guide

Private car with a personal driver / Rent-a-car (without a personal driver)REQUIRED  Charter car (with driver)
*Currently we do not offer Rent-a-car services(no driver).
*Please contact us if you want to use eco-friendly transportation.

Guide  Licensed English-speaking guide
*Please note that for groups of over 7 people having a guide is a must.
*Please note that for rent-a-car tours having a licensed English-speaking guide option is not available

Contact person

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Details about international driver's license in Japan
For more details please contact your local administration office.

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Travel enquires for dates in 2023 are no longer being accepted. We look forward to hearing from you for applications for January 2024 and onwards.