Here Are the Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there any group tour that can be shared with other people?

We basically offer only private tours, not group tours.

Is it possible to subscribe for a solo trip?

Yes, naturally. However, it is necessary to have a reserve of about 500,000 JPY for a 8 days 7 nights tour.

Do you offer a car-only plan?

We offer package tours that include hotel and car, but depending on the season, we can offer a car-only plan as well. Please contact us for more details.

Do you have car rental plans?

Rental car plans are only offered in September and October. Please have a look at the samples.

One of my family members requires artificial dialysis. Can you recommend a hospital?

We have previous experience with it, so you can count on us. In order to understand the situation better, we request the clinical records to be submitted in advance. We also have a guide who is specialized in medical interpreter, so please do not hesitate to consult us.

Would it be possible for you to provide halal meals during tours?

We understand the food limitations of each of our customers. We believe there are personal preferences for halal food, but we do our best to meet all the requests. We arrange and hand in special seasonings in advance, always looking to increase the satisfaction level of our customers.

I know that not many restaurants in Japan offer vegetarian or vegan meals, but can you respond to this kind of food limitation?

As a local company, we are proud to say that we are capable of finding many restaurants across Hokkaido that can easily respond to even complex requests. Please fully enjoy the blessings Hokkaido has to offer!

Can you plan a tour that is friendly to wheelchair users as well?

We receive many customers who participate in tours in three generations, so we deal with this kind of requests on a daily basis. Wheelchair users are welcome to participate even in activities like forest exploration!

Can you organize incentive tours, with a large number of people?

Yes, once we had a tour with about 100 participants, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

What happens if I suffer unexpected accidents or injuries?

One possibility is to use the insurance, which comes in the tour. Please contact the concierge in charge as soon as possible.

About the quotation

Can I make my payment in cash?

We only accept credit card or bank deposit as payment method.

I would like to know the details of the fee (individual prices)

As we offer package tours, we do not reveal the details of our fees. Please be understanding.

Why is the fee for children almost the same as that for adults?

Depending on the hotel and lodging facility, there is no special price for children. Also, the price of arranging the car is the same, regardless if there are children included or not.

Why isn’t lunch and some of the dinners included?

As we consider the meals a very important element in a trip, when there is less than 10 customers, we offer the most suitable option according to the requests after the tour has been confirmed.

About Japan

Do you have the habit of receiving tips?

We do not have the habit of receiving tips, so it is not essential, but if you feel satisfied after the trip, please give it to the driver or guide. We will appreciate it.

What wild animals can I see?

In the winter, you can see cranes, Steller’s sea eagles, white-tailed eagles, owls, dears, foxes and other. During the summer, you can spot whales, orcas and brown bears.

When is the best season to watch cherry blossoms?

Hokkaido has a large area, so it varies a little depending on the location. The earliest full bloom occurs in late April, in southern Hokkaido region, like Hakodate. In central Hokkaido, like Sapporo, it happens in early May; in Hokkaido’s tallest mountain Mt. Asahi, in June. There is also a special period in which both cherry blossoms and snow can be enjoyed!

When is the lavender season?

From mid to late July.

When is the period I can enjoy snow activities?

The ideal period is between mid-December and early March, but depending on the place, it is possible to enjoy it before or later than this.


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