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We offer exclusive local rural experiences that are not available through other travel agencies. 

Sustainable Local Tourism with Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel



We at Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel are very proud to say that our number one strength is our strong relationship with the locals. We create new programs and activities from the scratch together with Hokkaido locals to let you experience the true heart of Hokkaido, Japan. Dig deeper into the local lifestyle of Hokkaido instead of just passing by. It would be our pleasure if this vacation will inspire you and make you see the world a bit in a different way than you did before


We offer exclusive local experiences that are not available through other travel agencies. We are committed to including the principles of sustainable tourism in everything we do, working hard to protect the environment, economy and cultures in all our local destinations. The rural experiences we cherish mean love for the nature, contact with land, interest in tradition, and curiosity of the past. We promise you an eye-opening journey to Hokkaido’s culture and local tastes.


What makes Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel different from many travel agencies are our strong personal links with the local businesses and regions. We proudly support numerous small villages in Hokkaido and produce unique experience content that is not limited just to basic Japanese culture and history experiences. Our presence goes beyond the business to the level of personal trust, which is why we can create truly memorable and unique tour programs — authentic luxury for those who can appreciate the value.


We ourselves are based in Hokkaido and our Regional Tourism Development Department’s staff regularly visits small towns of Hokkaido and learns about the villages’ culture and industries from the local residents. Our personal attention to detail and friendly persona guarantees fun and relaxed holidays for everyone traveling with us. Travel Hokkaido with a luxury car and personal driver in the friendly company of our trusted tour guides who will introduce you to the true lifestyle of Hokkaido, Japan.

A few examples of our original programs

Whether it is experiencing the harvest season with farmers, cooking with a local Hokkaido fishermen family, or horseback riding in the snow with a local nature guide, we give our guests the opportunity to savor a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Hokkaido.

Check our sample itineraries for some inspiration or hit the inquiry button and tell us more about your travel plans!

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