We offer fun activities with team building and bonding to make your team even stronger.


Hokkaido is rich with nature, a perfect getaway from the office as a reward for outstanding employees, as well as a unique location for team building in the great outdoors of northern Japan. Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc. offers professional hotels with top quality service for meetings and conferences, and a variety of activities all year long for everyone to enjoy the trip. Besides the regular aspects that make Hokkaido a popular travel destination (nature, flowers, snow, and food), we want to give your employees an experience they are sure to never forget. Instead of having a meeting in a regular hotel, how about gathering in an ice village, or on a Japanese boat in the Otaru harbour? To build teamwork, try rafting or a game of curling. You can even build your own igloo and eat inside! Lunch or dinner can be served in Hokkaido’s great outdoors: enjoy local delicacies under the cherry blossoms, in the middle of farm fields, and more. Come to Hokkaido as a company, and leave together as a family.


Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc. wants to make sure you have top quality service during your company trip. We provide professional services to assist in translating (SEG), and trained staff to make sure your busy schedules feel smooth and organized. Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific requests, we specialize in unique tours for each of our customers, and the professional staff at the hotels and activity locations we work with are happy to assist.


When visiting Japan, the culture is definitely one of the highlights of your trip. We offer special cultural performances for your events, such as a powerful Japanese drumming performance to inspire your coworkers, or a celebratory “Mochi Tsuki” rice cake pounding ceremony, a great reward or kick-off to commemorate the start of something new for you company. For some local entertainment, the Hokkaido Yosakoi dance is sure to add some energy to your party, with young dancers dressed in colorful costumes shouting loud to lift the spirits of the party. This is just some of the entertainment we have to offer, please enquire for more details.


Enjoying the great culture and outdoor activities of Hokkaido is a great way to build teamwork within your company. Encourage trust, reliance, communication skills and problem-solving in the challenges we have to offer. For active employees, we recommend curling, park golf, sport competitions, and even a snowball fight in Hokkaido’s powder snow! Other activities include treasure hunting, cooking relays, learning how to train a horse to become a better leader, Japanese cultural experiences, and more. Please ask us for details to find the best activity that suits your company’s style.


Hokkaido is a treasure trove of delicious produce: from seafood to agriculture goods to delicious dairy, we have plenty to offer! High quality restaurants and hotel dining is provided with Hokkaido’s fresh food, but we also take pride in our outdoor cuisine! After many weeks in the office, you don’t feel like you need to stay indoors! We offer plenty of fresh air opportunities with picnic lunches: under the Sakura (cherry blossom) trees in spring, in the middle of a farm field or flower field in summer, or on a beautiful lakeside to help you relax enough to brainstorm new ideas and encourage deep conversation. Even in winter, you are welcome to eat a hearty meal inside an igloo!


Don’t limit yourself to hotel conference rooms, take your company out for something special! Hokkaido is full vast nature and blessed with four seasons, which means there are plenty of fantastic locations for your company meeting. For an evening of elegance, how about dinner on a private Japanese boat in Otaru Harbor? For hot springs, volcanic mountains, great food and a wide lake, visit the Wakasagi Resort in Lake Toya. If you’re visiting from a warmer climate in the winter season of Hokkaido, we are thrilled to present you with the Elm Ice Village and Kamakura (Japanese snow dome). Choose from a long list of locations to make sure your company remembers this trip and everything they shared here.




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