Halal – Muslim Friendly Tour

Hokkaido’s culinary scene is great for everyone! Consult us for your best experience.

Our Private Order Made Tours support a comfortable, stress free and reliable trip to Hokkaido for Muslim Travelers.
In order to enjoy your holidays in the abundant nature of Hokkaido, visit our favorite places in Hokkaido you cannot visit with a Group Tour, join activities that are difficult to organize yourself, mingle with locals in rural areas, and savor local, high quality food even with food restrictions. Please feel free to contact us for a trip to Hokkaido!

We can Arrange:

  • Experienced Muslim Guide
  • Prayer time and space
  • Visits to Mosques (Sapporo and Otaru and other area)
  • Muslim Friendly Meals(Hokkaido Halal Food Restaurants)
  • Halal friendly seasoning set (e.g. Halal Soy Sauce to use during your trip or to take home)

Examples of Experiences we can include in your tours:

  • King Crab

    King Crab Experience

  • Bullet Train

    The SHINKANSEN Experience

  • Non Alcohol Sapporo Beer

    Non Alcohol Sapporo Beer Experience

  • Mochi Pounding

    Mochi Pounding Experience




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