Japanese food is considered among the best in the world. Imagine Japanese food with Hokkaido ingredients. It’s heaven

Japanese cuisine is worldwide famous, but did you know most of the food produced in Japan is made in Hokkaido? People go to Tokyo to eat Sushi, but most of that fish comes from Hokkaido – so why not eat it fresh in Hokkaido? Three oceans, fresh air, fresh water flowing from the mountains, and never-ending plains topped with passionate farmers, make many of the best ingredients in all of Japan. Even Japanese admit that the best food is in Hokkaido!
It’s not just seafood, but delicious dairy, meats and vegetables; Hokkaido is the place to go to when it comes to high quality ingredients. When Hokkaido ingredients meet Japanese cooking masters, the whole world wants to take a bite!
Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel wants to take you to where the rumors are proven true, to famous hotel restaurants, to Michelin starred restaurants, and of course, the small restaurants that offer some of the best hidden delicacies. From local dishes to Italian or French restaurants that use local Hokkaido ingredients, leave it to us to satisfy your food cravings!
It’s not all about eating; we want to show you where it’s made, and how it’s made, to enjoy the heart behind each ingredient. You will be moved to meet the Hokkaido farmers and chefs, when you learn of their passion towards food.
To top it off, each season offers different foods! Need another reason to come back? Food is the #1 reason people come to Japan, and food is the #1 reason people come back to Japan, to relive that culinary experience! Find your favorite food in Hokkaido!




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