Workation – Visit Hokkaido Without Using Your Paid Holidays

  • Workation – Visit Hokkaido Without Using Your Paid Holidays



    by HTIT team

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    What the heck is a workation?
    Well, just decoding the word is easy: the term workation is made by combining “work” and “vacation”. As alarming as the first impression of this combo might sound,  “workation” basically refers to a new working style that allows you to get a break from your everyday  life without using your precious annual leave. 

    Simply said, workation is working remotely at a  holiday destination, so for the sake of your mental wellbeing it might be better not to take it as working through your holiday. That would be just sad. 


    Instead, when done properly a workation can be a refreshing change of pace, little luxuries  to your everyday life, living the dream, a week in the life of a world nomad. After all, isn’t a  change of scenery and tasting some authentic local cuisine (that cannot be ordered from the next  block with UberEats), something that each of us yearns for after being packed in our homes  for most of the year?

    For the time being, Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel organizes workations only for the residents  of Japan, but when the borders are opened to visitors again, we would love to serve also  inbound visitors, who perhaps wish to get on the road early and start their vacation after a couple of workdays at the destination.

    For the latest information regarding post-pandemic travel in Hokkaido, including travel restrictions and Covid-situation in Hokkaido, see our blog post:


    So, in practice, how does this workation work?
    Basically, if you are not self-employed, for starters you need permission from  your boss, but since many of us are working remotely anyways, the location should not be that  much of a problem. As long as your line of job does not strictly involve being physically present, you can just be there for online meetings as usual, and no one really cares  how you arrange your surroundings.

    Then, you need a place that fits certain conditions. First, an excellent WIFI connection is a  must. Being mad at a slow internet connection is the last thing you would want on any  workday. Then come of course work ergonomics; At home it might feel alright to work from  the corner of your living room sofa or the kitchen table, but if you especially travel to a new  environment to work, you want to make sure you do not have to sit on a tatami and suffer  from a back ache or curse a nonfunctional air-condition for the whole time.

    About as important is an environment that allows you to fully concentrate – though old  Japanese houses have their charms you do not want to have paper walls and a giggling  family next door or construction going on right outside the window when you try to come up with  revolutionary marketing ideas.

    And preferably you would of course want to stay somewhere that actually inspires you and  allows you to see the tasks in your hand in a new light. A breathtaking mountain scenery or  view of the Ocean perhaps? Or maybe the glitter of city lights as far as the eye can see, if  that is more your style. In any case, staring at a neighboring building’s concrete wall is not  the ideal situation.


    Professional service and tailor-made solutions.
    To ensure that you do not spend a week with an arrangement that ends up being a  disappointment, how about consulting a local expert with strong connections to the local  enterprises? 

    Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel offers workation packages that include not only the perfect hotel room that fits all your personal needs and preferences, but also airport transfers with a private  driver, restaurant reservations for tasty local restaurants and basically anything you need  during your workation, naturally including full time customer service support and on-the-spot consultation. 


    And while you are here…
    Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel can arrange any free time activities for the evenings and the weekend as you like.

    Our specialty is unique off-the-beaten-path local activities from relaxing kayaking in a national park to wild animal spotting nature cruises, but we can also arrange some after-work skiing, Japanese cooking with the locals, a kimono photography session or well, basically anything that comes to your mind that can be done in Hokkaido! Naturally, we can also make recommendations of the best popular sightseeing locations nearby, (or alternatives if you wish to stay away from the  crowds!)

    We also arrange “staycations” or vacations from home or near home for Hokkaido residents, who wish to travel locally in style.

    Check our sample itineraries for some Hokkaido travel inspiration:


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