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Enjoy Hokkaido to the Fullest with a Tailor-made Tour, not a Package Tour!

  • Enjoy Hokkaido to the Fullest with a Tailor-made Tour, not a Package Tour!



    by Web HTIT team

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    If you’re looking to experience all Hokkaido has to offer, you must adventure out into the rural communities and take part in activities with the friendly local people. Creating your own itinerary and traveling without a tour guide can be a little challenging, mostly because everything is so seasonal here and also because of language barriers. The best way to experience Hokkaido to the fullest is through one of Treasure Island’s tailor-made tours!

    A mainstream Hokkaido package tour simply cannot give you a unique experience and only touches on the surface of the island’s specialties and treasures. It sounds a bit cliché but it’s so true! Especially for Hokkaido, which is unique for its beautiful rural areas, friendly local people and seasonal outdoor adventures. Have a look below for more reasons on choosing life-changing tailor-made tours with Treasure Island!


    Hokkaido is massive!

    Hokkaido is massive!

    Come and experience the largest prefecture in Japan! Hokkaido is a summertime dream land with breathtaking landscapes, delicious seasonal food, exciting outdoor activities and excellent climate! Hokkaido Package Tours only give you a glimpse of this beautiful island and often create itineraries that take you to all the crowded popular sightseeing spots. Travel with Treasure Island and experience Hokkaido to the fullest with one of our carefully crafted tailor-made tours! We will carefully design your itinerary based on your interests and the current seasonal highlights unique to Hokkaido. Explore the vast countryside landscapes under blue skies!



    Local travel planners will design your tour bringing out the best seasonal experiences of each area!

    travel concierge

    Hokkaido is a beautiful island with four distinct seasons, making it a truly special place to travel at any time of year. Make sure to experience the abundance of seasonal foods, landscapes and outdoor activities to the fullest! The key word here is SEASONAL! With summer and winter itineraries on opposite ends of the spectrum, you can imagine the variety of things to do in Hokkaido and the importance of the seasonal timing of your trip based on your interests. This is where the expertise of Treasure Island’s local travel planners comes into play! They will bring out the best of all aspects of every season.

    Summer is especially nice with comfortable crisp weather, beautiful flower fields, delicious vegetables, fresh seafood, farmland adventures and an abundance of breathtaking outdoor activities. Instead of choosing from a generic Hokkaido package tour with destinations already set in stone, enjoy communicating with your Treasure Island travel planner and work together to create your very own tailor-made tour! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

    At sea experience the cool breeze!



    Choose the local experience!  


    Meet, bond and laugh with the locals! Unlike mainstream Hokkaido package tours, we incorporate local rural experiences into your itinerary making it extra special and memorable.

    From cooking activities with local moms, craft workshops, canoe picnics, cycling tours, barbeques, sea urchin shucking, trekking and much more! You’ll have many opportunities to meet and connect with people in the local areas. Have fun getting to know each other and learning about each other’s cultures! Over the years, Treasure Island has formed hundreds of unique connections with locals from all corners of Hokkaido living in their respective fields of expertise! Not only will you have a unique experience avoiding commercial tour guides, you’ll also learn a great deal from our local specialists who are out loving life in their specialized fields every day!

    Learn in the port city a way of eating fresh seafood!

    Valuable time to learn from sushi of professional.



    You can stop and appreciate beautiful scenery at any time!


    To be fascinated Hokkaido Natural Landscapes

    Don’t even consider taking photos of Hokkaido’s breathtaking landscapes from a car window! Let us know when something strikes you as a photo opportunity and we’ll make a stop for you anywhere, anytime. This kind of flexibility is simply not possible on mainstream Hokkaido package tours. Whether it’s on the road towards our next destination, or during an outdoor activity, such as trekking, cycling or canoeing, we can stop or take a detour to get that perfect shot you’re looking for! Make sure to bring a nice camera that can capture the breathtaking picturesque landscapes at their best. Take note that GoPro’s are highly recommended for water activities!



    Flexibility and freedom from strict time schedules!


    Japan is a very punctual country, which is almost always a great characteristic! However, imagine yourself on a Hokkaido package tour. You reach your third destination of the day and suddenly the weather becomes spectacular, you’re loving the moment and feeling inspired but you must make it back to the bus in precisely twenty minutes! Just like that, the highlight of your day is cut short due to time restrictions and the punctual characteristic of Japan you once thought was great. At Treasure Island, we understand spontaneity. Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the moment, even if it means having to make adjustments to the original itinerary. Enjoy every moment on one of our tailor-made tours!



    An intimate and private style of travel!


    You’ll love the intimate style of travel and customer service! At Treasure Island, we’re very passionate about giving you the best and most unique travel experience in Hokkaido. We are here to answer any questions and cater to any needs you may have during your entire trip. Mainstream Hokkaido package tours are a bit crowded and simply can’t offer the intimate experiences we provide. Our private tailor-made tours are designed with a great mixture of delicious food, outdoor activities, scenic nature and insight into Japanese culture through interaction with local people. From epic outdoor adventures to local rural activities, you’ll have many opportunities to meet and make friends with the friendly people of Hokkaido. We look forward to getting to know you!



    Your travel planner, driver and local tour guides design your tour to see you smile! 


    Enjoy getting to know your travel planner, driver and local tour guides! These are the people working hard behind the scenes to create your life-changing experience. Our team is super passionate about sharing this beautiful land of Hokkaido with you and can’t wait to create a one of a kind tailor-made tour based on your interests! Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime full of unforgettable experiences and smiles! We look forward to meeting you in Hokkaido!

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