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Recommended Halal food (Muslim Friendly) in Hokkaido traveling

  • Recommended Halal food (Muslim Friendly) in Hokkaido traveling



    by Web HTIT team

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    Highly Recommended Halal Food!

    You’ve picked the right place to explore! Hokkaido is full of hidden gems and quite unique to the rest of Japan. With an abundance of breathtaking nature, unique outdoor activities and opportunities to meet with local people in rural communities, traveling in Hokkaido makes for a well-rounded adventure! Don’t forget the food! Many tourists come to Hokkaido just to have a taste of Japanese cuisine at its best. Because of Hokkaido’s location and size, it flourishes with the most flavorful produce and seafood providing an abundance of the freshest seasonal ingredients at your table! Let’s have a look at some highly recommended food to eat in Hokkaido including Crab, Soba, Udon, Grilled Corn, fresh Seafood Bowls and Halal Ramen!


    ①Try Halal Ramen!


    At Treasure Island, we’ll help you design a one-of-a-kind itinerary while incorporating some of the best food in the region according to your area of travel. There are endless establishments to enjoy savory meals including many Halal food options for the Muslim community! The number of Halal restaurants has increased steadily, reflecting the growing number of Muslim expats and tourists in Sapporo. Have you ever tried Halal Ramen? This savory ramen generally comes in a variety of flavors including chicken, salsa tomato noodles and rich shrimp soup broth! Sometimes Halal ramen comes with a side of rice, which is actually quite unique. After finishing the noodles, the rice is put into the ramen bowl to be enjoyed with the remaining savory broth. Oishii!

    There is “Houryu Ramen(寳龍)” famous for Halal Ramen in Sapporo. There are also muslim menus and chopsticks, so you can eat with confidence. Recommendation is “Jingisukan(Hokkaido’s grilled mutton dish) miso ramen” vegetables and Jingisukan are served, and when you drink soup, you can feel deep umami of miso.


    ②Seafood BBQ and Beautiful Seafood Bowls!
    Seafood Bowl

    Are you a seafood lover? Let’s talk about Seafood bowls and BBQ! From local hole-in-the-wall restaurants to massive fish markets, we’ll take you on an adventure introducing you to the best places in town!
    One establishment we highly recommend for fresh seafood bowls is the “Kaisen-Shokudo Kitano Gourmet-tei” a wholesale market located in Central Sapporo. Here you can choose from a huge variety of fresh Hokkaido seafood and enjoy it in a relaxed atmosphere. After ordering you can have the chef cook it to your liking right before your eyes! It doesn’t get any fresher than this! You can also choose to have it raw, grilled or any other way you request! Enjoy!


    ③Sweet Grilled Corn

    At Treasure Island, we offer fun countryside programs giving you unique opportunities to meet and interact with local people in rural communities. How about a corn picking experience on a local farm where you can enjoy the sweetest corn you’ve ever had in your life!? Meet the friendly farmers and learn about the cultivation and harvesting process. You’ll also learn a few valuable techniques on corn shucking! After some guidance on how to pick the sweetest corn, you’ll get to go out into the field, pick your own corn and eat it in its freshest state, right in the corn field! You can also choose to have it grilled and seasoned. We recommend trying both! On a side note, this is quite a photogenic activity so make sure to bring a nice camera to capture the fun and the picturesque backdrop. Hokkaido has the most delicious corn in all of Japan, don’t miss this opportunity!


    ④Try Making Your Own Soba!
    Let’s take a trip to a local restaurant that specializes in Soba and learn how to make Soba from scratch! Meet Mr. Agishi! He’s a Soba master who makes Soba using a traditional method dating back to the Edo Period. The style of Soba is called, “Nihachi Soba” consisting of 20% wheat flour and 80% Soba flour, which is said to be the golden ratio.
    All of Mr. Agishi’s ingredients are sourced directly from local farmers. The basic steps for making Soba include, soaking buckwheat flour in water, kneading the dough, then rolling and cutting. Although this process may sound very easy, there is actually quite a lot of skill and technique involved. Mr. Agishi will share his wisdom and insights, and maybe even share a little about his philosophy behind his passion for Soba! Have a great time being guided through the Soba making process and be amazed by the taste and freshness of the noodles that YOU made!


    ⑤Fresh King Crab with a Live Performance!

    Have you heard about Red King Crabs in Hokkaido? They’re massive! Katsukanino Hansaki is an established restaurant located in the heart of Susukino and upholds a reputation for serving the freshest crab, as well as outstanding service and a unique live performance giving you an opportunity to see live crab prepared right before your eyes! Sounds super fresh, right!? You’ll surely be impressed by the amount of detail put into the preparation process and food presentation. This unique high-end restaurant will definitely go on your list as one of the most memorable restaurants you’ve ever been to. Enjoy your fresh King Crab in the land of hidden gems in Northern Japan.
    We look forward to answering any inquiries you may have and hope to see you soon on this beautiful Treasure Island!

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