Enjoy beautiful wide ocean from SKY! [Skydiving in Yoichi Town]

  • Enjoy beautiful wide ocean from SKY! [Skydiving in Yoichi Town]



    by Shungo Hanaoka

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    It’s a true heart beating experience!

    This skydiving program has just started from June this year, and we reckon it will be your life-in-time unforgettable 6 minutes-free falling for about 50 seconds, and parachute falling for about 5 minuets.

    You can dive into sky from the height of 3800m, please feel the thrill of it!


    Meeting point with the guide will be at “Apple Port Yoichi”,  they are welcoming their guest at the big tractor-style office, load-carrying tray part.

    First, they will show you the video of the skydiving.

    After you get some images of how to do it, they will lecture you how to fly, and basic flying position.


    After the lecture, it is time to wear the flying suits!

    Wear a thin jacket as your inner, and then put on flying wear which can cover all your body.

    It seems to wear a lot for the active experience, but in the high altitude, temperature can be relatively cold.

    Wearing gloves, thin goggles, and harness connected to the instructor. Now it is ready to go!


    Walk to the  Cessna plane which can hold 7 passengers, and get on board in backward.


    After taking-off,  it will fly over Sea of Japan. Looking down the Yoichi Town, it will gradually fly up.

    About 20 minuets later, it will reach at a height of 3800m, and it is time to look for a nice spot to dive.

    You will be in the front, and your instructor will be at the back, connected with the harness at four points for security!


    With “Ready, Set, Go!!”, dive into the big blue sky!

    When you forget the fear, you will feel super high in 3 seconds!

    You can hover with the wind , which must be a very new experience to you.

    Stay your body in a back bridge style like a prawn, enjoy free-fall in a 200km/h speed with the advice of instructor, from the height of 2300m!


    After free-fall, it is time to enjoy para shooing.

    From 1500m, you can enjoy Yoichi’s town and farm and rice fields, green houses, and Japan ocean.

    You can fly right and left like a para glider,  spend a nice time in the air.


    This style of Sky diving is called as “Tandem Jump”, and this program is Operated by “Sky Dive Hokkaido” (スカイダイブ北海道 in Japanese)

    Their head office is in Tochigi, and focusing on sky sports related goods and activities etc.


    They provide safe and fun diving experiences with the experienced instructor like Mr.Takashi Narisima who dived over 3000 times,   Cessna pilot and grand operator staffs.

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