Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restriction notice about Hokkaido, June 2022.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restriction notice about Hokkaido, June 2022.



    by HTIT team

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    Find the current and up-to-date information about traveling to Japan and Hokkaido in the post-lockdown world, as well as the measures taken against the spread of Covid-19 taken by Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel for our private tours and our local partners. For more detailed information on COVID-19 in Hokkaido, please check the information published by the Hokkaido local government.


    Covid-19 situation in Hokkaido, Japan (Last updated: June 21st 2022)

    Beginning on June 10, 2022, tourism to Japan resumed. However, for the time being those who wish to visit Japan for tourism are required to obtain a tourism visa.
    On June 7, 2022, the guidelines for getting a tourism visa and for travel to Japan were issued. The following guidelines apply to travelers who are traveling from Classification Blue countries, and travelers who have been in those countries 14 days before travel to Japan. Countries that are not classified as Blue have different requirements and guidelines for entry into Japan, and may include measures such as mandatory covid tests and quarantine periods. Those who are planning to travel to Japan with a tourism visa must join a guided tour and adhere to the current following guidelines.


    The guided tours must:
    ・Be guided tours for the entirety of the tour, with English-speaking drivers counting as guides Guides must stay with guests from when they enter into Japan and pass through customs until they leave the country. This includes any transfers within Japan, whether by flight or train.
    ・Have a predetermined itinerary for travel.
    ・Be organized by a travel agency or operator registered under the Japanese Travel Agency Law. This includes Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel.

    Before the joining the tours, travelers must:
    ・Apply for and obtain a tourism visa using documents issued by a travel agency or operator registered under the Japanese Travel Agency Law. Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel will issue ERFS forms (for the current immigration health check system) for customers to use when applying for their tourist visas.
    ・Please check your home country’s Japanese embassy for more details and requirements for getting a tourist visa
    ・Currently visa applications in some countries are taking a long time due to the high demand in those countries. Please apply as soon as you can, up to 6 months in advance of your travel dates
    ・Apply for Visit Japan Web and Fast Track.
    ・Purchase private medical insurance that includes coverage for medical expenses related to new coronavirus infections and that provides adequate coverage and services.
    ・Stay in countries that are classified as “Blue” from 14 days prior to arrival in Japan.
    ・A negative covid test within 3 days of your arrival in Japan may be necessary, depending on your travel status

    During the guided tours, travelers must:
    ・Wear masks in accordance with local guidelines (except for outdoor activities, etc.)
    ・Sanitize hands regularly
    ・Follow the tour guide’s instructions to avoid the “Three Cs”


    We do not know how long these guidelines will be in place or how they will change in the future. The requirements for travel to Japan and the situation change quickly. We will update this page when we have more information.


    For details, please refer to the link below:

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    Summary of Latest Information Regarding COVID-19 in Hokkaido :

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