Ultimate campervan tours in Hokkaido for beginners

  • Ultimate campervan tours in Hokkaido for beginners



    by HTIT team

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    Campervan tours with Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel
    Campervan is a recreational vehicle (also known as camper, caravanette, or motor caravan) that includes beds, a small kitchen and depending on the type a toilet and coach. In Japanese camper van is called “camping car” (kyanpingu kaa). You can drive a campervan in Japan with an international driving permit.

    Campervan tours with Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel make possible combining the good sides of camping with a comfortable traveling style and once in a lifetime Hokkaido activities. You can spend time in privacy with your loved ones, but we will make sure that you will get everything out of your precious Hokkaido trip. Our experienced travel consultants will prepare you a travel itinerary including scenic places where to stay and cool activities to enjoy.


    Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel’s campervan package is especially designed for travelers who are not that experienced when it comes to camping overseas. Our tour includes an orientation day during which you will learn to use the car and get basic tips regarding camping in Hokkaido!


    You can also contact us during the trip if there is anything on your mind. We are based in Hokkaido, so in case of any emergencies we will be on the same time zone and location to provide our support.

    Hokkaido, North Japan as a travel destination
    Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture is a popular travel destination among both domestic and international tourists.

    The island is known for its captivatingly diverse nature from caldera lakes and volcanoes to vast agricultural lands. There are six national parks in Hokkaido! Hokkaido has also beautiful flower fields starting from brilliant lavender and captivating pink moss phlox to rainbow-colored flower fields with mountains on the distance.


    Hokkaido is famed for being “the breadbasket of Japan”. Hokkaido is an excellent place for enjoying Hokkaido dairy products, famous pastries, ramen noodles and fresh seafood. Some famous examples of Hokkaido foods are “Jingisukan” lamb and soup curry.


    One of the great things about Hokkaido is that here you can get to know local lifestyle up close and personal. In puzzling cities like Tokyo or Kyoto it may be challenging to connect with the people. Our specialty is off the beaten path tours full of amazing activities and interesting people right in the heart of Hokkaido.


    With our private campervan tours, you can enjoy all the best sides of Hokkaido on one trip. We will design you a tour itinerary based on your preferences!


    Hokkaido and camping
    Why rent a campervan in Hokkaido in the first place? In a destination like Hokkaido where the distances can be long, campervan is very useful for various reasons. Hokkaido is Japan’s northernmost island. The distances can be surprisingly long: It takes almost 10 hours from South Hokkaido’s largest city Hakodate to Wakkanai of North Hokkaido!

    You can rest without worries and preparing simple meals is possible inside the van even if it rains. Long drive may look alright on a map. However, as you can image, during a road trip one also must stop several times to eat and rest. If you wish to wake up late and stop to do some actual sightseeing on the way, driving more than three to four hours a day can be a challenge. We will help you to design a travel itinerary that is both realistic and way more than you could have imagined!


    Renting a campervan is a cool option for a traveler who yearns for some flexibility without the stress of finding an accommodation to stay every night. You do not have to back your luggage in and out every time you change the location. For families with small children having your own space can really reduce stress. Also, dogs are welcomed (if they have gone through the needed quarantine measures)! Campervan makes it also possible to do remote work while traveling.

    First time campers warmly welcomed.
    Does the idea of camping in a foreign country make you uneasy? Is this the first time you are using a campervan? No worries: For the first day of your Hokkaido campervan, there will be a local guide who teaches you camping tips including how to use the camper.


    After the first night, you will be on your own and can enjoy quality time with your friends and loved ones, but you can contact us at any point.


    If you are not comfortable with the idea of staying at the campervan every night, we are more than happy to reserve you a night at a hotel or cozy cottage. Hokkaido is famous for “onsen” hot springs, so staying at a local hot spring resort can be a nice change of pace.

    A new travel style for the post pandemic world

    The vast lands and clean nature of Hokkaido make this northernmost island of Japan a great destination for your long-awaited post-pandemic holiday.


    When traveling with a campervan you do not have to worry about encountering large tourist crowds at hotels. Instead, we can make you an itinerary that allows you to travel at your own pace with your close contacts only. Depending on the model, 2-5 persons can stay in a campervan.


    You do not have to stop at popular tourist destinations at all if you are not comfortable with the idea: We can design you a trip full of true Hokkaido experiences without the populous tourist traps or large cities.

    Contact us for further information so that we can start planning your unforgettable Hokkaido campervan tour!


    P.S. You can check the latest coronavirus situation and information regarding traveling to Hokkaido, Japan here: https://hokkaido-sightseeing.com/en/blog/after-covid19/

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