Autumn comes to Yubari Town…

  • Autumn comes to Yubari Town…



    by Kanae Kajita

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    It was last Monday on my day off.

    I went to Yubari and I was stunned by seeing its beautiful trees such as birch and maple trees, which decorated forests so beautifully.

    Today I would like to share that Yubari’s treasure with you, so be prepared!


    My first stop was this Yubari Noukyou Meisan Center, I was welcomed by scary “Melon Bear”!

    “Melon Bear” is the official character of Yubari city, and it is very unique. There are plenty of good looking characters in all over Japan, but this one is different though. He is scary and that what makes him unique. Being uncommon, he is getting popular recently.

    And do you know why he is wearing the melon mask? That is because Yubari is known for its high quality melon, “Yubari Melon”.

    It is also said that the Yubari Melon is the most expensive melon in Japan as well!

    Anyway, I had an enjoyable stop there and then I moved on to Takinoue Park. just 5 minuet walk from that location.


    When I went into the park, I was amazed by the red and yellow color of the trees!

    In this park, you can enjoy forest and waterfall.

    You can go all way around the park about 20 minuets.

    I think this will be a nice break if you are driving around here in summer and autumn!


    There was an old power station, and you can go inside and have a look.



    You can  feel some history here…in the olden days, this hydro‐electric generation system used for the coal mining.

    Yubari was actually the famous for coal mining at that time. Now mines are closed, so as this power station.


    There are some Japanese tourists in main road, but if you choose a side walkway, less people and more relaxing.

    In 5 minuets, you will hit the first bridge!


    From here, you can enjoy great scenery with unique waterfall!

    It is “Chidori ga Taki”.



    It is very interesting to see geological formations beside waterfall, too. It was a truly breath-taken scenery…

    I mentioned about Japanese group tourists, and their destination is here, the first bridge.

    Therefore, there are not so many people after here…


    This picture was taken under the bridge. There is a wooden walk way to capture a great view!


    Wooden road like this will continue to the second bridge…


    There must be a cute Hokkaido chipmunks around here.

    There were many beech trees and dropped acorns on the ground, so they would collect them for their hibernation.


    And ta-da! This is the secound bridge.


    You can see the first bridge from here, framed with colored trees.

    There were few people here, so you can have relax time on the bridge.

    As you may see, Hokkaido’s autumn leaves are tend to yellow to orange, not like bright red.

    It is because there are many white birch trees and ginkgo trees.


    After a good afternoon walk, my nose caught a very good smell.

    Grilled corns!

    I had one by my self and truly enjoyed my afternoon in Yubari.


    How was my experience in Yubari?

    Maybe you can visit here for your next Hokkaido Trip!  Kanae


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