Our Top 5 Most Recommended Picturesque Photo Spots of Winter 2018!

  • Our Top 5 Most Recommended Picturesque Photo Spots of Winter 2018!



    by HTIT team

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    Our Top 5 Most Recommended Picturesque Photo Spots of Winter 2018!

    Hokkaido is like no other prefecture in Japan famous for its nature, wildlife and vast picturesque landscapes! Winter in Hokkaido is especially unique with pure white powder snow decorating the land creating a breathtaking atmosphere! Hokkaido becomes a winter wonderland full of epic photo spots for you to explore! Let’s have a look below at our top 5 most beautiful and breathtaking places in Hokkaido! Take some notes and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Have fun!


    ①Bie’s Mysterious Blue Pond! (Aoiike)

    Bie is a beautiful place to visit and a spectacular photo spot! Its serene hilly landscapes become super smooth and fairytale-like when covered in powder snow creating one of the most unique picturesque photo spots in Hokkaido.
    Among them, the blue pond in Biei town, which became famous even with the wallpaper of Mac OS X, is a wonderful place.
    Enjoy walking around in the calm atmosphere before heading over to Bie’s mysterious blue pond. This area is quite a popular tourist attraction during spring and summer but recently, the winter months have also been attracting quite a lot of attention. When arriving at the blue pond, you’ll notice that most of the lake is covered in snow but the parts that aren’t are truly magnificent. The contrast of the emerald blue waters surrounded by pure white snow is quite the sight and makes for an excellent photo spot! Make sure to stick around after sunset to see the colorful light show, which illuminates the trees and snow creating a mysterious winter wonderland atmosphere. We recommend finishing your day in the nearby hot springs! Enjoy!


    ②Taushubetsu River Bridge !(Kamishihoro-cho)

    Take a trip to the Tokachi area for a look at the nostalgic concrete arch bridge, which is designated as a Hokkaido Heritage Site! The Taushibetsu bridge is one of the original railway bridges that used to be part of the old National Railway Shihoro Line. Also known as, “Meganebashi” (eyeglasses) due to the circular reflections off the water in the spring and summer months, the bridge is actually quite an interesting location in the winter months too! Have fun walking across the frozen lake in snowshoes and check out the bridge up close. You’ll love how photogenic it looks surrounded by pure white snow with crisp blue winter skies above. Enjoy Hokkaido to the fullest with all its hidden gems and please don’t hesitate to ask us for more information on these spectacular photo spots!


    ③Watch the Sunrise Over Drift Ice!

    Have you heard about the drift ice off the coast of Abashiri? It’s quite a magnificent sight and definitely qualifies as one of the top 5 most beautiful and breathtaking places in Hokkaido. Get ready for some surreal photography and a memorable adventure! The drift ice called, “Ryuhyo” in Japanese can be seen off the coast of Abashiri as well as around the western coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula. The ice forms in the Amur River in Russia and then drifts across the sea of Okhotsk, typically reaching Hokkaido around mid-January to early February. The window is short so plan your trip accordingly as the ice disappears between mid-March and mid-April. Watching the sunrise over the drift ice is highly recommended and will definitely go down in your album as an ultimate photo spot. The Sunrise Cruise departs at 6:00 in the morning and takes you deep into the icy waters where you’ll see vibrant reds and yellows lighting up the sky and reflecting off the exposed patches of water. Have fun capturing your surreal experience and don’t forget to dress warm! You’ll love it!


    ④Enjoy the Majestic View of Mt. Yotei while Snowboarding!

    Niseko is without a doubt one of the best resorts in the world for snowboarding. The powder snow is top quality and the luxury hotels are second to none. Aside from the countless slopes and high-quality snow, it also comes in as one of our top 5 most beautiful and breathtaking places in Hokkaido! One of the most breathtaking aspects of snowboarding in Niseko is the majestic view of Mt. Yotei seen from the top of the Niseko mountain range. It truly is a spectacular sight and makes for an epic photo spot before making your way down the slopes. The shape and powerful presence of this dormant volcano resembles Mt. Fuji and is sometimes referred to as “the Fuji of the north.” You may even get lucky with partly cloudy weather, which makes for a beautiful photo spot, as the peak of Mt. Yotei rises above the clouds creating an effect like a stairway to heaven! Enjoy the most scenic snowboarding trip of your life!


    ⑤Frost Trees!
    Frost Tree

    A trip to see frost trees in Hokkaido should definitely be a priority if you like taking nature photography. There’s nothing more serene than being surrounded by the contrast of frost covered trees against a clear blue sky. This picturesque phenomenon takes place when the surrounding temperature drops below freezing point, causing the water vapor and fog in the air to attach to the trees and plants. These beautiful trees can be seen at their best on the mountain tops! Enjoy the scenery while on a ski or snowboarding adventure, an epic hike in snowshoes, or a relaxing trip to an observation deck on a gondola. The “Terrace of Frost Tree” in Tomamu is definitely within the top 5 most beautiful and breathtaking places in Hokkaido. Take a ride on the Unkai Gondola to an observation deck and view the pure white trees from above with the magnificent Hidaka Mountains in the background! In the month of December, you can enjoy an exclusive light up event at the “Terrace of Frost Tree” observation deck. It’s a spectacular photo spot where the frost trees come to life in illumination creating a romantic Christmas atmosphere! Don’t forget to try the Frost Tree Coffee, Hot Rum and Chocolate Fondant!


    We look forward to helping you with any questions you may have and hope to see you soon on this beautiful Treasure Island!

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