5 Best Muslim-friendly foods in Hokkaido, JAPAN!

  • 5 Best Muslim-friendly foods in Hokkaido, JAPAN!



    by HTIT team

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    I am happy to tell you more and more travelers choose Hokkaido for their travel destination recently.
    Hokkaido is famous for its beautiful nature and land scape, but one more thing I love about Hokkaido is FOOD!
    There are large variety of cuisine, so you will not get bored at all!
    We frequently receive inquiry about “Muslim- Friendly Tour”, and we are very we pleased to make your special tailor-made tour and want everyone get full-belly of joyous Hokkaido food.

    1. Seafood/ Sushi

    Hokkaido is about Seafood! If you are OK with raw seafood, I strongly recommend you to try fresh seafood. There are several restaurants serve sashimi, seafood bowl, or sushi and you can easily find them. Especially at local Seafood Market (Sapporo, Otaru, Hakodate, etc), you can taste various types of treasures from ocean!

    marketSeafood Market

    If you cannot take raw seafood, Ikameshi is also recommended! This one is famous in Hakodate area, and very nice. Steamed rice is stuffed inside a squid, so it will fill up your stomach, too.

    There are several kinds of crabs can be caught in Hokkaido, and you can boil or gill them to eat.
    Shabu-Shabu style is also popular way to taste them, too!

    2. Ramen / Soup Curry

    Hokkaido is famous for its ramen. Well-known areas for ramen are Sapporo, Asahikawa, Hakodate…but most of shops are using pork broth.
    But some restaurants are using chicken or fish to make a tasty soup, like Ramen Horyu or Ramen Chanya in Sapporo.
    If you are staying in Sapporo, Soup curry is another choice! Normally soup curry restaurants have large variety of curry menus, so you can choose vegetable or seafood soup curry, too!

    3. Sweets

    If you have a sweet tooth, Hokkaido is like a paradise! Please try them as much as you can.
    Soft serve is one of the popular sweets, since here in Hokkaido, there are many Daily farms! You can sense fresh and sweet Hokkaido milk from soft serve…
    Pancakes are now very popular among young Japanese, and many tourists try pancakes in sweet café like LeTao, White Cosy, etc.

    In New Chitose Airport, the biggest airport in Hokkaido, you can also enjoy shopping and exploring inside!
    Shiretoko doughnuts are using honey to make a soft and sweet taste, and you can try interesting café latte in Doraemon café.

    4. Fruits and Vegetables

    Hokkaido is known as the major agricultural prefecture in Japan!
    Why not enjoy going on a fruit picking adventure in Hokkaido and eat a lot of nutritious fruits and vegetables!
    They are very sweet and nice…

    You can check this web-page to peek a look at the summer adventure!

    Vibrant Tastes of Summer


    If you only stay in Sapporo, it is a good choice to go to Odori Park and taste grilled corn!

    Vegetable Sushi

    This is a special arrangement, but if you cannot take raw-seafood, we recommend you to try vegetable sushi!
    You can see the sushi above are all made with beautiful Hokkaido’s vegetables and rice.

    5. Soba/ Udon

    Soba and Udon are Japanese style noodles and prepared in various hot and cold dishes.
    Normally menus are very simple and very healthy.
    How are my recommendations for Muslim-friendly food?
    There are also some cooking activities available which will be an unique experience!
    Sushi making, mochi pounding, soba making, seafood cooking and Dutch Oven lunch, etc…

    I believe once you come to Hokkaido, you will love Hokkaido food for sure!!

    For the Halal tour, I have to tell you that we cannot offer 100% Halal.
    We will not serve you any pork or alcohol, but many of Japanese dishes uses “mirin” or “soy sauce“” for the seasoning.
    On the process of making those seasonings, some alcohol might be used. Those alcohol will be evaporated eventually, but please note this point. Some of the menus above are using those seasonings.

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