Summertime in Hokkaido! 10 Highly Recommended Things to do in Hokkaido, Japan!

  • Summertime in Hokkaido! 10 Highly Recommended Things to do in Hokkaido, Japan!



    by HTIT team

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    Come have an unforgettable summertime adventure in Hokkaido! A treasure island full of breathtaking nature, an abundance of outdoor activities, fresh seafood and agricultural products, friendly people and some of the best summer climate in the world! You’ll fall in love with the landscapes, outdoor adventures and the carefully crafted local experiences we have to offer. Below is a list of 10 highly recommended things to do in Hokkaido during July and August. We hope you’ll feel inspired!




    #1) Try Nagashi Somen “Flowing Noodles” in Furano!

    This will definitely be one of the most unique eating experiences you’ve ever had! Get ready to laugh and have a great time with friends and family as you put your hand eye coordination to the test, while trying to catch somen noodles with your chopsticks as they flow down bamboo shoots! The noodles that you do catch can be enjoyed with a refreshing chilled soy sauce based broth. The Furano area is also famous for its spectacular lavender fields and patchwork landscapes. Your “Flowing Noodle” experience combined with the vast lavender landscapes will surely make for an unforgettable adventure full of unique photo opportunities! Don’t forget to try the delicious lavender soft-serve ice cream. Without a doubt, Nagashi Somen is one of the most highly recommend things to do in Hokkaido during July and August.


    Summer in Japan, Featuring “Nagashi Somen!


    #2) Whale Watching in Rausu!

    Visit the small town of Rausu, located in Eastern Hokkaido at the foot of Shiretoko National Park! This is one of the most beautiful places in Japan, registered as a World Heritage Site, thanks to the well-preserved nature and abundance of wildlife. Get ready for a surreal whale watching cruise and be amazed at the spectacular surrounding scenery. The mountains in Shiretoko are snowcapped even in summer, which creates a beautiful picturesque contrast! The staff onboard the “Evergreen” ship use binoculars to spot wildlife and will kindly point them out to you. Keep an eye out for a variety of birds, dolphins, whales and even massive pods of killer whales!  If you’re interested in wildlife photography with breathtaking backdrops, this trip is definitely high on the list for things to do in Hokkaido, Japan. Fall in love with the serene atmosphere of Shiretoko!


    With a little luck, you can see killer whales and dolphins!


    #3) Try Sea Urchin Shucking in Suttsu!

    Suttsu, also known as a seafood paradise is a special place for seafood lovers. This port town is blessed with an abundance of seafood, especially its seasonal sea urchin! Meet with your local guide and get an up close and personal tour to see how the sea urchin makes its way from cultivation to the table. You’ll also get to try shucking your own sea urchin and prepare your own savory “Uni Don” sea urchin bowl! Enjoy your ultimate seafood experience. To all the seafood lovers out there, this is definitely one of the best things to do in Hokkaido, as it doesn’t get any fresher than this!


    We recommend you try the UniDon.


    #4) Fresh Corn Picking in Tokachi!

    Hokkaido is well known for having the best agricultural products in all of Japan, especially the rich lands of the Tokachi region. Do you like meeting with local people when you travel? At treasure Island, we value the bonds between our travelers and the friendly local people, which is why we incorporate interactive activities into the countless things to do in Hokkaido! Enjoy meeting with local farmers and be guided on how to pick the ripest corn. Experience the flavor of the freshest corn as you eat it on the spot in the rich agricultural land of Tokachi.


    You can eat freshly picked corn on the spot!


    #5) Forest Hiking in Southern Furano!

    Furano is surrounded by the majestic Daisetsuzan National Park, creating a hot spot for outdoor activities. The summer season provides a huge variety of adventurous things to do in Hokkaido for outdoor enthusiasts, with forest hiking in Southern Furano as one excursion we highly recommend. Whether you choose to adventure on a half-day or full-day hike, both treks will inspire you with breathtaking landscapes and spectacular views. Get ready to feel like you’re on top of the world!

    Refresh in nature!


    6#) Furano Melon Tour!

    Most people traveling through Furano visit the area to see the gorgeous lavender flower fields. Although the area truly is spectacular and worth a visit, most people miss out on the hidden gem just down the road! A local tour at the Furano Melon Farm should definitely be added to your “things to do in Hokkaido, Japan” list! The Tomita farm grows the best melons in the area, with each one carefully cared for from planting season through harvest. With clean air, an abundant fresh water supply and rich soil, Furano has excellent growing conditions creating juicy and flavorful melons. Come have a taste for yourself!


    Enjoy the valuable experience of “Melon Picking” in Japan!


    #7) Sapporo Beer Garden!

    Sapporo City, the capital of Hokkaido is a beautiful metropolis with a spectacular location, providing a contrast of easy access to big city life and nature! Some fun things to do in Sapporo include shopping in downtown, visiting the city’s popular sights (TV Tower, Mt. Okura Ski Jump, Hokkaido Shrine, and many more!) and having some local favorites for lunch or dinner: Ramen, Genghis Khan and Soup Curry are highly recommended! Make sure to stop by Odori Park in central Sapporo! This massive park stretches one and a half kilometers long, which takes up twelve city blocks! Here you’ll find the “Sapporo Odori Beer Garden,” where you can savor the beer of leading domestic brewers while enjoying Hokkaido seasonal foods in the wide-open park. It’s the largest beer garden in all of Japan!


    This is a favorite pastime for many Japanese people in summer!


    #8) Shakotan Blue!

    Get ready for a refreshing time at the Shakotan Peninsula! We’ve added this location to our “10 things to do in Hokkaido” list because of its powerful natural beauty. Enjoy stunning landscapes overlooking a rugged coastal line and a deep translucent blue ocean with underwater visibility of 30 meters! The beaches go by a nickname of, “Shakotan Blue.” You can enjoy this magical environment from high lookout points or hike down to sea level for a refreshing dip in the ocean if you like! Sea Urchin is the local specialty and you can even experience shucking and preparing your own savory “Uni Don” sea urchin bowl for lunch.


    Although it may be slightly cold, try hiking your way down to the coast for a swim!


    #9) Scenic Walking Around the Five Lakes in Shiretoko!

    Imagine starting your day with a scenic trek around the five Shiretoko Goko Lakes. There’s a beautiful elevated handcrafted wooden path for easy walking, as well as ground pathways carefully designed to give you the best views and lookout points of the local area. Feel the serene power of mother nature and be prepared to take lots of photos if you like capturing wildlife! Take note that bear sightings are not a rare occasion as the Shiretoko Peninsula is a preserved area with one of the largest concentration of brown bears in the world! Have fun!


    Breathtaking scenery like a “Primeval Paradise.”


    #10) Exploring Mt. Asahidake National Park

    Get ready to explore the breathtaking beauty and mysteriously powerful landscape of Daisetsuzan National Park. You can take the Mt. Asahidake ropeway to a disembarkation station and from there enjoy a trekking tour on one of the most picturesque paths to the highest point in all of Hokkaido. Your guide will take you on a scenic route close to areas with volcanic steam and snow-white smoke spewing from the earth’s core! You’ll also see a variety of alpine plants unique to the environment. Reaching the peak of Mt. Asahidake is definitely one of the more epic things to do in Hokkaido and will surely leave you feeling inspired! Make sure to enjoy a well-deserved relaxing time in the local hot springs after your scenic day of trekking!

    Asahidake National Park

    A dip in the ONSEN (hotspring) after a scenic hike is the best!



    We hope our list of the “10 Highly Recommended Things to do in Hokkaido” during July and August has inspired you to come and experience this beautiful treasure island for yourself. Summertime in Hokkaido truly is a magical place. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way with any further information. We hope to see you soon!

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