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Overseas Travel Agents and Tour Designers!

We are a travel agency that designs high-class luxury tours to clients looking for a unique and adventurous once in a lifetime experience around Hokkaido!
We are always open to new business opportunities and hope to continue to build strong ties with new partnerships!
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Overseas Travel Agents and Tour Designers!

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What are we known for?

  • We offer the best accommodation based on our client’s requests, previous customer feedback and our local staff expertise! Including some of the most attractive hotel packages with excellent services that other travel agencies aren’t connected to.
  • Our Travel Planners have actually stayed at nearly all of the hotels around Hokkaido and can set up our clients with the most suitable match.
  • We have access to an abundance of activities, which are carefully selected based on our clients age and interests.
  • We also offer Tailor-Made Tours, which give our clients opportunities to interact with local people in rural communities who share similar interests!
  • All of the activities we offer are highly recommended with confidence as our staff has experienced most of them first-hand!
  • We can recommend a variety of popular local restaurants that other agencies don’t have connections with!
  • We can accommodate special needs travelers such as wheelchair users, dialysis, vegetarian friendly meal plans, etc.
  • Our experienced staff can design a unique and adventurous tour to see Hokkaido within a month or longer! Long itinerary requests are always welcome!
  • We have personal relationships with profession guides, farmers and fisherman all over Hokkaido, which enables us to create the most unique, luxurious and memorable tours.



    1. Please contact us anytime to learn more about our Tailor-Made Tours!
      *We don’t compete by offering discount prices, instead we focus on providing wholesome once in a lifetime experiences full of luxury and value!
    2. Let us know if your company would be interested in a tailor-made FAM Trip to learn more about getting connected in Hokkaido!
    3. We invite our business partners on FAM Trips along with the Japanese Tourism Agency!




    This page is updated periodically with new information and details on our FAM Trip opportunities. Stay tuned for more!


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